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The WFH Culture Worrying You? Here’s All The Ways A Work Order Software Could Help Your Agency

The work from home or WFH culture is the new norm, and it comes with its share of problems. When it comes to maintenance-related issues, ensuring that the work orders reach the technicians on time to avoid any downtime becomes a challenge. Precious time wasted on communicating the message to the right technician lowers your workforce’s productivity.

When you have a remote workforce, the technician must get mapped to the right asset automatically. This mapping is facilitated by preventive maintenance software that automates the work scheduling process so that your staff can communicate the problem to the technician immediately, and the right technician can fix the problem and upload the inspection report instantly.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Work Order Software

Here are some benefits that a work order software provides:


Automated Service Requests

To stay in business, you need to provide an improved customer experience that is no longer possible through the conventional route for servicing work orders. It’s no longer phones, emails, or social media platforms.

Your business needs an AI (artificial intelligence) based portal that customers can use for scheduling appointments and where employees or contracted technicians start attending to the customer requests in the shortest possible time.

Scheduling and Rescheduling

To schedule work efficiently, you need to use the best work order software that leverages artificial intelligence for evaluation of all job requirements, assessing your service team’s skills, determining the location and current workload of each technician before assigning the job.

Your company needs to replace manual scheduling with AI-based scheduling for lowering downtime and meeting customer expectations. Intelligent software also allows rescheduling, and changes are communicated to both customers and technicians immediately.

Integrated CRM

The conventional CRM or customer relationship management software is usually accessed by your customer service staff to attend to customer complaints. All data relating to the customer is stored in the CRM. To ensure the field technicians provide timely service to your customers, you need a CRM that is well integrated with field service management software.


As your business is scaled up and you have a larger volume of transactions, support for mixed workforces including employees and contractors, and a more complex business model, you need work order software. Not only will this software facilitate easier communication, but you will also get feedback for corrective action.


Timely reminders are important for both field technicians and customers. The customers are ready for them, and your team will be able to keep track of their daily schedule, including any rescheduling. AI ensures that both the portal and the technician can send alerts to the customer for scheduled appointments.

Customers are prepared for scheduled visits, changes in schedule, or any upcoming failure.

Communication Methods

The leading work order software integrates different communication modes like SMS, emails, social media integration, text to speech, and transcript generation. This gives your customers multiple communication options, and they can use them simultaneously to reach the field service team in case of problems.

Your service professionals and contractors can also use these different communication methods to get in touch with the client.

PC and Mobile Enabled

The integrated work order software integrates seamlessly with the client’s and field technician’s mobile and personal computers. The technician gets images of the job and can provide the customer with all the support required in one visit. The customer’s problem is solved instantly as the technician has all the information they need in terms of parts required, assets to be repaired, and maintenance required from the system.

Your service technician should be able to use the software on their mobile device in offline mode as well. There are certain areas where carrying a PC is impractical. After inspection of the damage, the technician can provide the exact solution and a quote for repairs and parts.

Advanced Locating Features

The work order software should have features like GPS so that the work order’s exact location can be communicated to the field technician. When the technician gets the shortest possible route and the least congested route through the software, they can plan their trips more efficiently.

The software also locates the right technician that is closest to the customer and dispatches the work order accordingly. It uses features like geo-tagging of assets and technician locations, local deals, and send alerts to the customer regarding impending visits.

With the best routes and comprehensive information regarding the complaint, the technician can provide the best service quality in the shortest time This will ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Intelligent Performance

In the digital age, you need field service personnel who can perform intelligently, not just efficiently. With your work order software providing information on the asset, installation, parts, service history, all information required for servicing the asset is available with the click of a button.

There is no time lost in looking for the repair textbook or looking for solutions through the PC. The solution is found and implemented much faster, leading to the technician’s higher productivity and better customer service.

Communication Round the Clock

With AI-enabled software, all the stakeholders in the customer-service ecosystem are seamlessly integrated 24×7. The stakeholders include the customers, staff, contractors, and technicians can always stay in touch through different communication modes like email, text, phone, and integrated work order portals.

Mobile technology ensures that scheduling visits, rescheduling, and asset-related information are communicated instantly.

Customized Service

The work order software is customized according to your operations’ nature so that each component is added without any glitches. Any changes in the environment, like industry nuances or technological upgrades, can be easily incorporated.

Customers are looking for a flexible tool to communicate with you and get their problems sorted. With AI-based technology, both your field technicians and customers can communicate better and resolve technical issues faster. This platform ensures faster troubleshooting, faster service delivery, and happier customers.

Live Worry-Free With Work Order Software

With AI-enabled work order software, it does not matter where your technicians are located or your customers. All customers need to do is send an image of the problem through the software, and the right technician will get an alert on their mobile device.

Technicians can serve more customers in a shorter time frame. Scale-up your business with work order software.

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