The Way of The House Husband: Part 2 Release Date and All We Know About it

There is a different fan base for anime all around the globe. The Way of the Househusband is a Netflix Original comedy anime series adapted from the Japanese manga series Gokushufudo by author Kousuke Oono.

It’s an instant hit in several countries in a brief period. Though the fans are still worried about the production values(or lack of it), Netflix is busy bringing us the following season.

The Way of the House Husband

The Way of The House Husband Part 2 Release Date

Soon after hitting the screens, the show has become an instant hit, and with only five limited episodes in the first season, it’s expected to be brought to the audience again with a next part. As Netflix has renewed the show’s status, be sure of the second season hitting us soon enough.

Netflix announces no specific date, so it’s all about speculations as of now, but the renewal status tells us that production must be already underway.

The Way of the House Husband: Plot

“The immortal Tatsu” as he is known for his legendary underworld history as a part of Yazuka, who once handled a rival gang all by himself while he was only equipped with a lead pipe, suddenly disappears and resurfaces in a new role trying to be an honest house husband to his wife, Miku.

The gangster who strikes fear in police and criminals’ hearts is now stuck with the daily chores of dealing with the kitchen mishaps and the vegetable markets. And this is the conflict that brings out the fun.

The Way of The House Husband Part 2: What to Expect?

As it’s almost like a series of independent episodes, there won’t be any problem in bringing up as many episodes as possible, in which case it would be a feast for the fans. As the series only roughly covered 26 chapters of the manga, but there are as many as 69 in writing, we could even expect a season 3 and maybe even a season 4, depending upon the viewership.

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