The Truth About Jimmie Allen’s Time On American Idol


The Truth About Jimmie Allen's Time On American Idol

Jimmie Allen appeared on “American Idol” during Season 10 back in 2011 and impressed then judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler with his country twang. He made it all the way to Hollywood week and into the top 40, but was ditched when it was revealed he hadn’t made it to the top 24.

“They told me that I was very unique, and my style, it goes against the grain. They just said to keep doing what I do, and things will work out. They never really said why I didn’t make it,” he told Cape Gazette in 2011, also revealing he had no bad blood with the show. “It was cool. It was definitely a learning experience, and putting my name out there and stuff, that got me a few label interests and stuff like that.”

Unfortunately, Allen was not able to broadcast much of his time on the show. This was his biggest disappointment. “I just wish that some of my performances would have been… featured. Not even featured, but just showing a clip of a performance,” He stated.

Allen shared and then deleted a clip on Instagram in May 2019, encouraging others to keep trying. “Someone telling us ‘No’ doesn’t stop our dream… we stop our dream. Never stop fighting, never stop dreaming. Believe in yourself, you can rise from the ashes,” he wrote (via Taste of Country).


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