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The True Meaning Behind ‘The Remorse’ By Drake

The True Meaning Behind 'The Remorse' By Drake

A sparse piano mixed with strong, hard-hitting beats is what lays the groundwork for “The Remorse” before Drake jumps in. This track is less like a song, but more like Drake’s personal journal. It is filled with nuggets of Drake’s inner thoughts — some deep and poetic, some honest and raw.

This juxtaposition was exactly Drake’s goal. It seems the song represents life — the highs and lows we reach, the lessons we learn and take away from both. Drake lists his achievements in the song, but he also acknowledges his mistakes. “Pain is just a place that I go to get the bars from / Anxiety’s a drug that I use to get the job done,” he raps (via Genius), “Bet against me, don’t know where they getting the odds from.”

For almost six minutes, the track shows life in its complexity — in its beautiful, messy, confusing moments. Drake’s raps are more important than anything. He shows that it is possible to live despite all the difficulties of life.

The True Meaning Behind 'The Remorse' By Drake
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