The Tragic Death Of YouTube Star Mel Thompson


The Tragic Death Of YouTube Star Mel Thompson

Puffin Thompson ended the Instagram post mourning his wife, Mel Thompson, by saying, “I wish I had her back.” 

Mel’s apparently unexpected death is being mourned by fans and friends all across social media. On Instagram, fellow makeup artist Robert Welsh commented, “This is such heartbreaking news. Mel was such a wonderful person. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss.” On Twitter, an ER nurse wrote, “Took a nap and woke up to see Mel Thompson has passed away. I’m floored. I’m gonna miss her beautiful face and sweet voice saying ‘Hey Beauties!’. My deepest condolences to her family. What an incredible loss, rest in peace Mel.”

Mel’s last YouTube video was posted on September 24, and it featured Mel testing out her friend makeup artist Wanye Goss‘s makeup products. Goss wrote a touching message under her video which has been viewed almost 100 000 times and received over 5.5 million likes. “As many will know, Mel was more than a YouTuber to me, she was a friend,” Goss continued. “She brought such kindness to not only my life but many, many people out there. Mel truly was a beautiful kind human. A wonderful woman, amazing mother and wife,” He added. “Mel, you are missed more than you will ever know. I am absolutely devastated.” Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.


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