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The Shady Side Of Travis Scott

The Shady Side Of Travis Scott

Travis Scott doesn’t have a reputation for being a fighter, or even a hot-head, but he got into arguments with two of his fellow rappers, Meek Mill and Tory Lanez. Scott had a heated argument with Mill in the Hamptons, July 2021. The host was Michael Rubin, 76ers co-owner (per the New York Post). 

It’s not clear what the rappers were arguing over, but Mill wanted Scott to be hurt. “Where’s he at?” Mill can, apparently, be heard yelling in a video uploaded to Instagram. Presumably, others at the shindig, including Jay-Z and Jon Bon Jovi, must have hated that the argument happened, because it shut the party down.

As far as the dispute with Tory Lanez, the public found out about it in March 2018 after a video leaked. This clip shows two men at the edge of fighting on what appears like a bus or trailer. The argument was, allegedly, about Lanez responding to an accusation that he hijacked Travis Scott’s flow while featured on Mill’s song, “Litty” (per Billboard). “I can’t sound like somebody I wrote for,” Lanez tweeted. Based on the video it appears that Lanez approached Scott about that tweet. And that’s when everything went wrong. “Everybody can get out of here and we can shoot the fade right [now],” Lanez told Scott. Thankfully, the cooler heads prevailed and no punches were exchanged.

The Shady Side Of Travis Scott
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