The Real Reason Jorja Fox Was Fired From CSI


The Real Reason Jorja Fox Was Fired From CSI

In 2004, ahead of Season 5 of “CSI,” Jorja Fox and co-star George Eads were both fired, noted Variety. According to Variety, the two had been playing hardball in an attempt to get significant salary raises. CBS executives quickly fired Eads and Fox as soon as they became absent at the beginning of the new season. However, the situation was soon resolved and both actors returned to “CSI,” at least for a while.

Variety reports that the problem with Fox at the time was that she apparently hadn’t returned a signed document stating she would not miss work while trying to negotiate her salary. Fox claimed that the letter was returned to CBS by Fox’s representative, but it was sent via traditional mail and not fax. According to the representative, this was all a misinterpretation. Fox reportedly rejoined “CSI” making the same salary she had been earning before the issues, according to Variety.

Per Today, production of “CSI” had been halted due to both Fox and Eads’ absence. They were offered by CBS a one-year extension to their contracts and an increase of $20,000 for each episode. After they were both fired — and re-hired days later — they lost the offer that had previously been on the table. Fox told Entertainment Weekly, “It came completely out of the blue to be fired,” and “I was pretty hurt and angry and confused” at the time.


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