The Real Reason Alicia Silverstone Joined This Dating App


The Real Reason Alicia Silverstone Joined This Dating App

In a new video interview with Bumble, actor Alicia Silverstone told the app the one thing she looks for when it comes to dating is “confidence” and someone who is “just solid in your skin.” 

The actor also explained that she partnered with the app to meet new people. “I just think it’s a great way for people to meet,” admitted Silverstone in an interview with People, adding that Bumble gives her “hope” in her newfound dating life. “I always thought it sounded so fascinating. It sounded like it opened up a lot of possibility for people and created hope. And I’ve heard tons of beautiful stories from people. I think it’s very much the norm now. And it makes sense. It’s kind of like going to a bar, but it’s more effective.”

The “Clueless” actor revealed she’s “always been intrigued” by dating apps, telling Bumble in a Q&A just what makes her a desirable candidate on the app. “I’m very open,” Silverstone agreed. “I make yummy food. I’m super snuggly and I like adventure.”


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