The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7: Latest Updates, Review, Plot Synopsis & More


A series of preventable outcomes drives Dr. Shaun Murphy to his breaking point during Monday the good doctor — the last new episode until spring 2022.

Let’s start with Dr. glass man. During the fall finale, the hospital’s figurehead meets a real estate agent. He plans to sell his house and move to Montana – that is, until his first wife Ilana (played by) the boysAnn Cusack) stands at the door and asks if he’s overseeing her current husband’s life-threatening case. What is considered Lewy Body dementia turns out to be a tumor pressing on her husband’s carotid artery, which in turn mimics Lewy Body symptoms.

The Good Doctor Season 5

Before Glassman successfully removes the tumor, he and Ilana have a much-needed discussion about the loss of their daughter Maddie — who, as you may recall, was seen only once as a figment of Glassman’s imagination during his Season 2 cancer battle. Ilana hated Glassman for his relationship with Shaun, assuming he had “replaced” their dead daughter with Dr. Murphy. She has now realized that this was not the case. She also understands that Shaun has played a vital role in her ex’s life. After surgery, she encourages Glassman not to move to Montana and stay in San Jose to be close to his surrogate son. “He makes you better,” she tells him. And she’s right.

As for Lea, she confronts Shaun and tells him that she has changed his patient satisfaction scores. She is sincerely sorry, but her fiancé refuses to accept her apology.

The Case of the Week, meanwhile, concerns a pregnant car accident victim. Circumstances force her to deliver the baby surgically, but a drug for the preemie turns out to be no longer valid, which is only discovered after it has been administered. Within minutes, the baby is dead and an enraged Dr. Lim Salen with their fatal flaw – a direct result of Ethicure’s pinching. Salen tells the chief of surgery that “discretion” is in everyone’s best interests until the hospital conducts a thorough investigation. That means the baby’s mother will have to keep the cause of death a secret, presumably until she’s had a chance to consult with Ethicure’s in-house attorneys.

In the final scene, a stunned Shaun storms into St. Bonaventure’s pharmacy and begins smashing vials of expired medication. Lea rushes in and tries to control the situation. She tells Shaun that this isn’t his fault, but that it doesn’t make sense. Shaun is furious – not only about the expired medication, but also about his partner’s betrayal and Glassman’s abandonment.

“I can’t trust you! And I can’t marry you!” Shaun whimpers and crumples their wedding venue’s contract.

By the time Glassman enters the pharmacy, Shaun is hyperventilating. He encourages Shaun to catch his breath, which he does just long enough to confront Glassman.

“You are a bad witness and a terrible mentor!” he says. “You said you’d never let me down, but that’s a lie. A lie! That is a lie! Why is everyone lying to me? Why??

“You should have run the hospital,” Shaun exclaims. “If you had, the baby wouldn’t have died!”

Shaun continues to hyperventilate as he sits on the floor. Glassman sits down next to him and whispers, “I’m here. I’ve got you.” Shaun accepts his embrace and continues to cry. Lea meanwhile picks up the crumpled contract from the floor and stands in total silence to the side.

the good doctor Season 5 will resume this spring. From January 24, new drama Promised Land takes over the time slot Monday-at-10/9c.


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