The Flash Season 8: Latest Netflix Release Date Updates & More


The Flash is back for its eighth season on The CW and will be coming to Netflix in multiple Netflix regions either weekly or shortly after the show has wrapped up. Here’s the current expected release schedule for season 8 of The Flash on Netflix.

Based on the comic book, The Flash is still one of The CW’s biggest shows going existing in the Arrowverse which has largely concluded in recent years.

The Flash Season 8: Latest Netflix Release Date Updates & More

If you’re brand new to Arrowverse or looking to rewatch in order, refer to our huge guide on how to watch the Arroverse on Netflix.

Beyond just the TV show, it’s an interesting time to be a fan of The Flash given the character is getting a solo film in November 2022.

When will The Flash season 8 be airing on The CW?

The Flash isn’t delayed into midseason like it was for season 7 given production delays but it didn’t return to its regular slot.

Instead, new episodes have begun airing as of November 16th. It kicks starts with the long-awaited Armageddon Crossover event which covers the fifth graphic novel.

The show’s eighth season will run for 18 episodes just like last year.

When will The Flash season 8 be on Netflix US?

Let’s begin with the United States as that’s where the largest audience for What’s on Netflix lies.

In the US, the show still comes to Netflix via a prior output deal Netflix struck with The CW. This deal (which ended in 2019), means that all shows will come to Netflix for the lifetime of the show plus 5 years. The deal also brings shows to Netflix around 8 days after their season finale airs.

Right now, we do not know exactly when season 8 of The Flash is scheduled to wrap. Instead, we’re predicting it to be around May, or June 2022.

In which case, Netflix will receive the show’s eighth season around 8 days after this date meaning we’re expecting it to arrive between May and June 2022.

Many Netflix Regions Will Receive Weekly Episodes of The Flash Season 8

Elsewhere, Netflix gets weekly episodes of The Flash. That includes locations such as The Netherlands and Canada.

If you’ve received weekly episodes in the past, you will again in 2021/2022 as well. New episodes air on Tuesdays in the United States and will drop on Netflix on the following Thursday morning.

Some regions, according to Unogs, are still waiting for season 7 to be added which is expected to happen in late 2021 or early 2022.


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