The Eyes Of Tammy Faye – Paints A Prosthetic Portrait – Star Jessica Chastain Once Again Proved Her Ability.

The eyes of Tammy Faye paints a portrait of the human person with strengths and weaknesses in Tammy Faye Bakker. With the help of some prosthetics and padding, star Jessica Chastain once again proved her ability to convince an audience of anything.

The eyes of Tammy Faye begins in the childhood of little Tammy Faye,where she was rejected by her mother Rachel Grover (Cherry Jones). Even as a child, Tammy Faye felt the presence of God in her life.

She met Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield) in college and immediately got in touch with his message that God loves everyone and wants abundance for everyone. That was the message they brought to the people as their television empire took off.

Jim Bakker was a con man at heart. He was always in debt and always found someone to save him in the service of God. He was a closed homosexual, although he vehemently denied it.

Review: The Eyes of Tammy Faye

It didn’t take long for their marriage to crack. They survived on faith rather than love. It took a long time for Tammy Faye to admit that she needed love. When she did, her marriage broke up.

Tele-evangelists and religion on television were never my thing. But it was impossible not to know who the Bakkers were. They were often in the news. I must confess that I thought of Tammy Faye as a clown with her overdone makeup and ridiculous eyelashes. But Jessica Chastain convinced me that she was a woman of great love with a love that was often at odds with her church. She loved AIDS victims, she loved homosexuals, she taught love and understanding. She loved to sing, and she sang to the glory of God. Jessica Chastain sang Tammy Faye’s songs in the movie.


There’s an interview with Jessica Chastain of The Late Show where she explains how daring Tammy Faye was to embrace AIDS patients and talks about the prosthetics that made her look so much like Tammy Faye.

Tammy Faye was vain, loved the spotlight, and was willing to spend the money donated to their ministry on furs and other finery. She became addicted to pills. When Jim Bakker was sent to prison for fraud, she had to pick up the pieces of her life and find redemption for herself.

I thought this was an interesting movie. Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield’s performances were excellent. But overall I didn’t think the movie was great. I paid to rent it from Prime Video, but it’s not the kind of movie you should see straight away. My suggestion is to wait for it to be available with your subscription and then check it out.



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