The Dragon Prince Season 4: Expected Release Date


The Dragon Prince Season 4 is one of the much-awaited animated Series after its season 3, released in November 2019. But due to lockdown the season 4’s production was stopped, So will season 4 of the show ever happen or not? When can we expect the release date on Netflix?

The fantasy action and adventure series ‘The Dragon Prince’ is about two friends who are princes of Xadia – the magical and mythical land full of magicians, monsters, and supernatural creatures.

Unlike the Japanese anime series, ‘The Dragon Prince’ is a Netflix Original Anime Series like Cowboy Bebop and Fundamental Alchemist.

Renewal Update of The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince Season 4 was renewed by Netflix in July 2020 as per the creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. The following season will be titled “Earth,” and the Series will be renamed “The Dragon Prince: Name Withheld,” confirmed by the Animation Studio ‘Bardel Entertainment Inc,’ responsible for the show’s show animation.

As per a few reports from the same studio, they are consecutively working for the fourth to the seventh season, and very soon, the renewal updates will be announced for fans via Netflix.

The Release Date of Season 4

As per the interview of co-creator Aaron Ehasz in the New York Comic Con by CBR in 2021, the production of Season 4 is underway, and very soon, the fans will be notified about its release date.

Aaron said that:

“all the scripts for Season 4 have been written and recorded and it is in the process of being designed and storyboarded and brought to life by the team at Bardel Entertainment right now.”

Although there is no confirmation on the release date of the dragon prince season 4, Daily Research Plot predicts that the Series will be back with season 4 in late 2022.

The makers have also announced a few other franchise projects in a tweet.

What could happen in ‘The Dragon Prince Season 4’?

Season 4 may start from the ending episode of Season 3 means Aaravo’s metamorphosis will be explored in the upcoming season. Although, as per the creator Ehasz, the new season will revolve around the love story of Rayla and Callum, the creator has also said to CBR that season 4 will be based on the graphic novel ‘The Dragon Prince: Through the Moon.’

The Dragon Prince Season 4 details

A new character could also be injected into the current plotline in the upcoming season, which the creator also revealed at Comic-Con 2021. The burning questions about Sunfire Elves will be answered this season, and the season will be more stressful on the connection between Sunfire elves and Aaravos.


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