The Big Show Show Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot and Cast 

Big Show, arguably the most dominating figure in the entire history of WWE. With his humongous personality and brute force, he has managed to make his presence felt in the WWE Universe for the past decade or so.

Guess what, the iconic personality is soon going to feature in a show based on his real life.
Jason Berger and Josh Bycel are the people behind the story writing of this upcoming show which is all set to feature Big Show as the lead cast.

Reportedly it is only the second show which finds its background from the WWE industry. Earlier, a show on The main event of the WWE was produced.

Insights from the plot of the show

The story begins when the teenage daughter of The Big Show arrives to live with his family. Earlier he was living with his wife and two other daughters. The new member of the family gets familiar to other members very soon and started to show a great bond among them. The pack if ladies make him feeling outnumbered and outsmarted. Big Show is no more the center of attention, the newly arrived member has taken this status of him.

big show show

Status of script and production

The script for the show is yet to be finalized, as of now only a borderline for the story is available. The star cast is finalized for the roles of his wife and daughters.

To the utter disappointment of viewers, the production is yet to begin. In fact, it is nowhere near to a beginning.

It is confirmed that the show will contain, a total of 10 episodes each ranging from 30-40 minutes. There is no official announcement regarding the tenure of the show, whether there will be any further seasons or not.

Big Show show release date:

One can expect this show to release somewhere around the end of 2020.

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