The Bachelorette Episode 5: Latest Updates On The Nayte – Chris S. Drama


Are you interested in learning more about the bachelorette episode 5? Next week’s new episode follows the rose ceremony. Oh, and of course some of the drama that preceded it. Chris S. eventually caused a lot of tension in BIG TIME with Nayte, who had felt like an all-time favorite for most of the season.

Is there still a good chance that Nayte will go far? Sure, but we don’t necessarily think it will be easy.

the bachelorette episode 5

At the end of tonight’s episode, it was confirmed that Michelle Young and her men were on their way to her hometown of Minneapolis. While we’re there, we’re going to see some romance, and a remarkable one-on-one date with her and Joe. Apparently we’re also going to get a date with the Minnesota Vikings.

So where will some of the drama lie? Well, it sounds like the troubles between Nayte and Chris S. are far from over. Is Naye confident? Sure, but for now we get the feeling he has EVERY reason. He’s clearly one of her favorites, and part of Chris’s frustration may come down to jealousy. He sees himself as this knight in shining armor, but in doing so he focuses too much attention on the other boys. His relationship with Michelle isn’t really about her; instead, it’s about him trying to show that he’s better than everyone else in some way. That never ends well on a show like this.

We have a hunch that some of what we saw in this episode wasn’t just in Minnesota; instead, we’ve got some teasing here for the rest of the season.


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