The Awkward Way Seth Rogen Met Steven Spielberg


The Awkward Way Seth Rogen Met Steven Spielberg

Speaking on “The Howard Stern Show” in April 2019, Seth Rogen recalled the time he ran into Steven Spielberg at one of Jeffrey Katzenberg’s “Night Before” parties that take place before the Oscars. Rogen was sitting outside with a friend and when something happened, the two of them lit up a joint. “It was this awkward moment where, like, Steven Spielberg came up to me, like, as I had this joint in my hand. And I could just tell, he did not like it. It was a very judgmental moment,” Rogen noted.¬†

Rogen was faced with the dilemma of whether to throw out the joint or pretend that everything was fine. “You’re confronted with this thing. I was like, ‘Do I f*cking try to hide it? Do I just keep smoking it?” he recounted, laughing with Howard and Charlize Theron, who joined him on the show to promote their rom-com, “Long Shot.” Ultimately, Rogen opted to carry on as normal. “I think I’ll just have to take ownership over this and keep smoking this joint in front of Steven Spielberg,” He added.

Rogen insists that he wasn’t being paranoid, or imagining things. “I’ve run into him a few times and he always seems a little disappointed in me,” He laughed.¬†Rogen might be too interested in it, considering that Spielberg sought Rogen out for collaborations.


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