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AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. dates back to 1920, and now, over a century later, AMC theatres stand to be the largest movie theatre chain in the United States and the world. Headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, USA, AMC stands for American Multi-Cinema. It has over 620 theatres providing 7,967 screens in the United States alone. It also has 358 theatres in Europe.

It has also been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1983 and employs over 4,408 full-time employees and 35,754 part-time employees. This company took it upon itself to build the first megaplex movie theatre in North America, and the phenomenon brought about great success and popularity. They were also the stadium-type seating arrangement pioneers and have a patent on the cup-holder armrest feature that we popularly find in movie theatres today. 

TellAMC Theatres Survey At - Win Gift Card

AMC is a company that values its customers (referred to as “guests” by the company) just as much as the premium movie experience they provide. Customers’ feedback is highly regarded because they believe there is always a scope for improvement in AMC. The online accessibility of the survey is readily available for everyone who has ever been to their local AMC theatre. Not only do customers or guests get to voice their opinions and feedback honestly, but they also get rewarded for the same. So, think about your recent experience at an AMC theatre, grab your ticket details and head on to Answer the Guest Satisfaction AMC Survey questions and win an exciting prize. 

What Is The AMC Theatres TellAMC Survey?

AMC Theatres is a pioneering chain of entertainment centers started by Edward, Maurice, and Barney Dubinsky. With thousands of employees, screens, and loyal customers, it is looking for avenues to bring about improvements to fit the needs of these busy times. They believe customers are guests of their theatres and their opinions about it are of the highest value. Their feedback, questions, and queries will help AMC Theatres provide a hassle-free and seamless movie-watching experience. 

So they came up with the AMC Guest Satisfaction Survey. It is a free online questionnaire available to all customers from the USA through the link Here, guests can enter details about a particular AMC theatre, their experience with the staff, quality and speed of the services, food, cleanliness, hygiene, facilities available, movie screening quality, and details about what could be done better. This allows guests to freely provide honest comments about what changes would ensure a more satisfactory future customer experience. Moreover, the survey offers some rewarding prizes for guests who take the time to give their valuable opinions to AMC. 

Rewards won by the AMC Guests Experience Survey.

The AMC Customer Experience Survey is valuable for both the company and the guests. AMC ensures that their customers are motivated to spend some time answering their online questions by giving them a chance to claim an AMC Entertainment Gift Card worth $100. It’s an exciting opportunity to answer a few questions and watch your next movie at AMC without paying a dime.  

Rules of the TellAMC Online Survey 

There are specific rules for who can and cannot participate in this simple online survey by AMC theatres. 

  1. It is accessible to all guests with a valid AMC movie ticket. 
  2. Guests who want to enter must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. The online survey is only available for guests from the USA. 
  4. Guests can make unlimited entries in the survey. 
  5. Employees and people affiliating with AMC are restricted from entering the survey.

Requirements before taking the AMC Theatres Guests Survey

Let us look through some of the basic things required before you head to

  1. A valid movie ticket from an AMC Theatre outlet in the USA. 
  2. A display device with an internet connection. 
  3. I am reading and writing skills in English. 

How To Participate In AMC Customer Review Survey

  • Open the online AMC Theatres Online Survey website at the link

TellAMC Theatres Survey At - Win Gift Card

  • Enter the details required to begin: Theatre unit number, survey number, and date of your AMC Theatre visit. Use your movie ticket to fill in these details as the numbers are written there. After you’re done, hit the start button. 
  • The survey will now begin. Answer the questions given in front of you as accurately as you can. Provide your ratings and comments when necessary. 
  • In the end, to stand a chance to win an AMC Entertainment Gift card of $100, fill in some basic personal details so AMC can contact you. Then, click on submit once you want to send the review to the AMC system. 

Now, your feedback has been submitted to AMC theatres, and your name could be the winner of the exciting AMC prize of $100. 

AMC Theatre Rating Survey contact details

Here is a few helpful contact information regarding the AMC Entertainment Guest Experience Online Survey

Official AMC Theatres Customer Feedback Survey website link:

Official AMC Theatres online website:


AMC Theatres has been America’s favorite destination for a fun movie experience for many years. At AMC, every guest has a comfortable time with various screenings of the newest releases, food, and other amenities.

Customers also have a say in anything that AMC Theatres lack or can improve to deliver a better experience to its guests through their easy online survey. It takes very little time to complete, and users also stand to win a $100 ATC Theatres Gift Card, which you can use to have a free movie night the next time you’re craving a cinematic experience. So grab your recent ATC movie ticket, open the survey website online at and tell ATC about your opinions and feedback.  

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