Tech Gadgets Every “Tech Nerd” Should Have in Their Home


Do you remember that point in time where being a nerd or geek wasn’t cool? For so long, the brainiacs of today were criticized and made fun of back then for simply being smart and enjoying science and video games… But my have the times changed. 

Being that we live in a totally digital era now, people wished they had paid attention in science class or took some kind of interest in technology. Today, homes are completely automated with virtual assistants, and to get really “geeky” on you, shared solar initiative programs like ChooseSolar are created so that people can be provided with electricity that’s generated from the energy of the sun!

Those types of technologies have made life so much easier for so many people… And guess who the likely culprits are who created these technological wonders… The highly underrated “tech nerds.” So, you see, being a nerd and loving video games really wasn’t that bad. In fact, today, there a whole E-Sports industry solely dedicated to professional video game players!

It’s just crazy how the times have drastically changed over the years… But if you consider yourself as a “tech nerd” and you’re proud of it, say it out loud for the world to hear! But also, if you’re a true tech nerd, you should have all the latest tech gadgets in your home as well… And technically speaking, if you don’t have these gadgets, you’re kind of lame, especially in this era where techies rule.

Take a look at all the tech gadgets every “tech nerd” should have in their home.

Home Gaming Room

If you’re a “tech nerd,” and you loved playing video games growing up, you should definitely have a gaming room in your home now with all the bells and whistles. For one, you’re going to need a smart TV that supports the top gaming systems like Xbox and PS5. You’re going to need a TV that has at least 4K resolution, brightness, and HDR range. If you still have your original vintage video game systems like a Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64, your gaming experience will be even more nostalgic.

Top-Notch Home Surveillance System

Being the “tech nerd” that you are means that you will have some top of the line equipment, and that can also mean that some people will want those things and try to take them from you without your authorizing it… Well, you’re not in high school anymore and people can’t bully you anymore. That reason alone is why you invest in a high tech surveillance system

Being that you love technology as much as you do, only the best will do. You’ll want wire-free security cameras at the main entryways of your home. These cameras only record when they detect movement to save useless footage. These cameras also come with chargeable batteries that can be charged without unmounting as well.

Home Theater System

Well, you can’t have a gaming room and a high-tech surveillance system without having a top-notch home theater system as well! To be fair, some people like to combine their gaming room with their home theater system and just turn it into an entertainment room altogether, and that’s fine too. But the point here is that whether you’re playing video games or watching movies or TV, you can’t properly do so without cutting edge surround sound speakers and HD TVs or 4K projectors. These are all the makings for a high-tech entertainment experience.


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