Supernatural Spinoff: The Winchesters Season One Release Date, Cast, Storyline


Even after fifteen seasons of Supernatural, fans didn’t want the show to end, and maybe that is one of the reasons why we have Supernatural Spinoff series!

The Supernatural Spinoff series is named The Winchesters and is soon going to be released by CW. 

The Winchesters Season One Cast

Meg Donnelly famous American Housewife will be seen as the young Mary Winchester in this spin-off series. Whereas, Drake Rodger fame The In-Between will be seen as the father of John i.e. Dean and Sam’s father. 

Some of the new cast members are also going to be seen in this Supernatural Spinoff series. There is one newcomer i.e. Jojo Flites along with Nida Khurshid fame popular Greys Anatomy spinoff Station 19. 

Winchester Season One Storyline

The story itself is going to be about John and Mary’s amazing love story, in the beginning. Then there will be a plot related to how they met and fought alongside to protect themselves as well as their family from demons. 

Team of Directors and Writers for The Winchesters

Robbie Thompson who also happens to be the writer for our beloved Supernatural will be the writer for this series too. Ackles alongside his wife Daneel Ackles is executive producer for the same. The pilot episode has been shot under the Chaos Machine Productions banner alongside CBS Solutions and Warner Bros. 

The Winchesters Season One Release Date

According to Daneel Ackles who is the Wife of Dean a.k.a Jansen, she posted the latest happenings about the spin-off series and its shooting via her Instagram. 

They already completed the shooting for the Winchesters Season One and now going to release the very first episode of Supernatural’s prequel series. Fans are quite impatient and looking for the official release date for the Winchesters. 

There is no official word or any notification related to the Winchesters Season One release date. We can surely presume that, with the shooting wrapped up successfully, the series will be released sooner. 

Since the shooting has already been completed, the series is now in production and going to be released soon. With the release of the Pilot episode, fans are absolutely going to be crazy as they have been waiting for the Supernatural Spinoff series The Winchester for quite a long time.


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