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Anchor Suma And Rajiv Kanakala Got Divorced? – Fake News Being Spread On The Internet

Plenty of rumors are floating on the web and social media that Suma and Rajiv Kanakala are getting divorced. We are writing this article as a responsible news website to dismiss all these rumors. There is no truth to these rumor and gossip articles.

As we all know, Suma and Rajiv are one of the best-known couples in the Telugu film industry. Suma is an anchor while Rajiv is an actor which makes their couple even more eye-catching and interesting. They are happily married and they have a son and a daughter.

Some websites wrote gossip articles that Suma and Rajiv got clashes as Suma’s professional career is well off than that of Rajiv’s. They gossiped that this might have led to their classes resulting in them staying away from each other.

All this has been clarified by Rajiv in a TV interview where Rajiv said: “We do have clashes, but those are like the regular clashes between a wife and a husband.” Rajiv also said that he is shocked to see the rumors being spread on the internet by some websites and social media pages.

This is not the first time these kinds of rumors are being spread about celebrity couples in the industry. These things happen now and then. To stop them, we have to restrain from spreading the fake news without verifying. These things will only stop when we start boycotting the websites and YouTube channels that create and spread these kinds of rumors.



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