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Strictly’s Seann Walsh shares the advice that got him through backlash after affair

Strictly Come Dancing is back and fans are waiting to see if the so-called “Strictly curse” will strike, and Seann Walsh, a previous contestant who fell victim to it has shared advice that helped him on a podcast.

Seann Walsh, a comedian, appeared on the 2018 show and was photographed kissing Katya Jones during a night out.

Seann was still in a relationship and Katya was already married to Neil.

He gave an interview to the Success Won’t Come Calling podcast.

Simon Gibson asked Seann about his handling of the fallout from the public disclosure.

Katya Jones
Seann was pictured kissing his married dance partner, Katya

Seann says the best piece of advice he received came from the women closest to him.

“They said be good to yourself, which I found extraordinary”.

He decided to quit drinking and to eat healthier. He also started running.

To deal with the anger and criticism he received through social media, he attended therapy.

Seann Walsh
Seann revealed the backlash he received sent him to therapy

Seann say there was then a second wave of the backlash, when people thought he was trying to make himself out to be the victim.

He decided to quit Twitter because it was too much. Instead of trying to be the victim, he was answering questions about mental health.

Seann said: “It’s like, you should be happy that I had a terrible time, just enjoy that and stop getting more angry at me”.

Seann Walsh
He shared the advice he received and what he’s been doing since

He also talked about suffering from severe panic attacks, and being prescribed antidepressants.

Fans are already starting to speculate as to whether the curse will befall any of the new couples.

Many noticed that Tilly, aged 19, was infatuated by her new partner Nikita Kusmin (23).

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Strictly's Seann Walsh shares the advice that got him through backlash after affair
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