Stranger Things Season 4: Best Possible Release Date

It was only the beginning of this month July 4 Stranger Things Season 3 hit us with all the episode in a binge-able manner. No one was expecting to hear anything about Stranger Things Season 4 release date anytime soon. After assessing the status of the production details, it can be deduced that the wait won’t be as long as one had anticipated.

No official announcement had been out yet but from the time Stranger Things Season 3 premiered itself the information on season 4 also started coming up. The sources are very reliable and are very conclusive to make an assumption of the upcoming release date.

Usually Netflix gift with a lot of time for Duffer Brothers, their cast and crew to prepare for the series which is sometimes 9 months. So the expected date to start production was by the spring of 2020. But the production is starting a lot sooner than that. According to a report from a reliable source, the production will start from the fall this year. Cara Buono acting as Mike’s mother in the series has also confirmed that production will start by October itself. The interview is not available in the United States, but one can find the same on Reddit.

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The production locations are supposed to change in this season as Eleven and Will’s family left Indiana. The shooting might be starting early to take advantage of the weather in fall. The production and premiere schedule always closely followed the schedule of Stranger Things 2. The First Season which premiered on ┬áJuly 15, 2016. After that, the shooting of the second season had started only in fall of 2016 and released on October 27, 2017. There was a gap of 15 months in between. That’s the amount of time it may need to produce season 4 too.

It all may seem quite simple after reading this article. But take everything with a pinch of salt. As anything can cause the plan to change. Change in weather or other critical factors can delay the production further. And the change in location may slow down the shooting too.

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