Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending Explained


With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, many of the fans are speculating what the ending is, what the beginning is, are we going to see Zendaya falling and then dead, is there one spider man or two, and many more questions. Since the movie has released on 16 December, we have all the answers for you in just one article.

After the release of 16 December, all the questions have been answered, and all answers are positive.

The movie Spider-Man No Way Home was released on 16 December with a running time of approximately two and a half hours. In the film, we will see a great deal of action, like my other Marvel movie. But apart from the action, we will also see a lot of emotions. Many of you wonder whether Aunt May is going to die or not?

Then the answer is here with “YES.” So we are going to see Aunt May dead because of Green Goblin. And like any other Spider-Man movie, we have witnessed Aunt May this time giving her last message to SpiderMan to keep going on.

The next question is that we will see one or two or three Spiderman this time? The answer is THREE. One is Tom Holland, and the other two are Peter Parkers, Tobey, and Andrew Garfield. Due to the concept of the multiverse, we will meet three Peter Parkers this time.

We will be introduced to the earlier Peter Parkers with the help of MJ and Ned, who traveled to different worlds to find Tom Holland. But, instead of finding Tom, they found out that in this world, there is another Spider-Man, and that’s how we’ll be seeing Tobey and Andrew again.

The next question that must be in your mind is about Spider-Man: No Way Home villains, right?

 Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Well, when it comes to villains, we will see every villain from all the parts of Spiderman. We will see Green Goblin from Spider-Man 2002; Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2004; we will see Sandman from Spider-Man 3 2007. From the Amazing Spiderman series, we are going to watch Lizard as well as Electro. These all villains have come to the world of new Peter Parker, and they are all set to defeat him.

The most awaited scene was Zendaya falling from the Statue of Liberty. From that time onward, many of you must surmise that are we going to see the girlfriend of Peter Parker dead, this time again?

Well, the answer is NO. We are not going to see MJ dead. But it was not her Peter Parker who saved her; Andrew kept Zendaya. When Zendaya was falling from a great height, and Peter(Tom Holland) came to save her.

When he was almost there to get MJ, Green Goblin stopped Peter Parker. But luckily, this time, we had two more Peter Parkers. Andrew, who was already on the spot, has seen Zendaya falling and came to her rescue and saved her from death.

We have seen Andrew, the Peter Parker getting emotional when it comes to his Gwen, who died during a fight with Electro. She fell from the clock tower and passed a second before Peter Parker reached her. Due to this emotional scenario, Andrew never wanted MJ to die, which is why he came to her rescue. In the movie, we have also seen that Andrew was calling Gwen “my MJ.”


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