Spending Too Much Time On Your Smartphone Can Lead To Obesity

In this era where everyone from kids to granddads is engaged by a small device called smartphones, some scientists are searching for the harmful and bad effects of these small devices on us. Via this, we will let you know the bad effects of these mass popular mini devices. So let’s get started.

Obesity is a phase where the BMI of the human body increases to its normal value. As per the research, spending huge time over smartphones is enhancing and is giving a push to these kinds of diseases from which most of our youth are suffering. It is said that people using their smartphones less than 3-4 hours are healthier than others as they reduce the risk of being obese by approx.63 %.

Spending Too Much Time On Your Smartphone Can Lead To Obesity

You may also wonder by knowing the fact that out of 1000 people only 20% of people are physically fit because the smartphone is engaging people are creating an awful environment.

Not only obesity there are millions of ill health that can be caused by androids or iOS like being introvert, headache ,hypertension, low blood pressure, anxiety , myopia and it is found that diabetes is somehow caused by cell phones as sugar consumption is observed to be higher in the people using smartphones 6-7 hours on a daily basis.

It is clear that technology has proven itself as a boon for us as it has shrunken the whole world and is developing day by day and making human life more comfortable but have to control the situation.

The previous records of WHO said that 2.8 million adults all over the world are dying or committing subsides due to overweight and other problems. Only the awareness about the harmful effects can help us out here and scheduling our time for using smartphones.

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