Solo Leveling Manwha is one of the most loved Manwhas on the planet. After finally completing all its chapters, which were 179 chapters, the fans of the Solo Leveling Manwha want it to have a Solo Leveling Anime too. And, for that to happen, it will take time, but it is so loved and has such a good story that it can leave other Animes like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen behind if it’s ever coming to reality.

We will talk about the Manwha officially getting an Anime

While the Manwha is so popular that it has become victim to one of the few rumors, like is it getting the Anime adaption to it. Well, famous SPY has been there on Twitter who shares insider information, and his knowledge is hardly wrong. So there is a chance when he says that Animation is in productions.

This is never enough to excite fans, and they expect to hear something about it soon.

Solo Leveling has announced that it is working on an OST(Original soundtrack)

so far, since the Manwha has completed all the 179 chapters, it has been given its time to make an OST that fans would love to see and hear. The OST will be done by a band called The Boyz, which is a South Korean Boy Band. It is expected to release in February 2022, and we can soon get more details.

Here you can see the teaser for it.

The track looks fantastic already, and fans are getting crazy over it; that how awesome it is going to be.

 Will Manwha Solo Leveling will get an anime?

Even though the sources of the Solo Leveling Manwha becoming Anime comes from reliable sources, who have shared many details about the Animes which could release. Second, the Mangwa is very popular, so it’s not wrong to assume that this might get an Anime. While there are many polls are conducted on Twitter where they ask which Manwha they want to see as Anime. So, Solo Leveling Anime toping the polls seems like a good start, and it lets know the Creative people who are in charge to let know what they can work on that will attract the audience.

However, many companies want to get their hands on this as it will be a fantastic project, and many studios are thinking about it considering its popularity. However, if the manhwa is so damn popular, why haven’t we heard an announcement for the anime adaptation since all these years? Well, according to Yiman on YouTube, Japanese hunters aren’t depicted fairly in the Solo Leveling manhwa. And that’s why Japanese animation studios are reluctant to take charge of the Solo Leveling Anime.

Then who can make this Anime possible?

Let’s say the one who is out to take risks and has been the savior of many series and movies that were in the shadows for many years. Yes, none other than Netflix can make this dream into reality.


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