Seth Rogen’s Slimmed Down Appearance At The 2021 Emmys Is Causing A Stir


Seth Rogen's Slimmed Down Appearance At The 2021 Emmys Is Causing A Stir

While humor is generally considered an attractive trait — fans are declaring that Seth Rogen has now become “hot.” Rogen’s pandemic — and now Emmys — glow-up has certainly been a topic of conversation on Twitter on the night of the Emmys, with one person writing: “BREAKING: Seth Rogen is hot #Emmys.” Aside from Rogen’s snazzy outfit, the “Knocked Up” star also showed a more slimmed down appearance and short hair. In a September 2 selfie, Rogen first revealed his dramatic haircut and silvery hair. He captioned his Instagram post: “New hair, same smoldering.” Similar to the praise he got on social media, Rogen is receiving even more love for his “strong english professor energy” at the Emmys.

One person wrote: “Seth Rogen call me,” while another said: “Seth Rogen sans curls is a look!” Others, however, had to do a double-take. “Also, somehow I didn’t hear his introduction and did not realize this was @Sethrogen until afterwards! Anyone else?” Another said: “I’m trying to figure out who Seth Rogen looks like here, cause it is clearly not himself.” Rogen, himself, was also a little confused by the Emmys — and no, not about his “pumpkin spice latte” look. During the opening monologue, Rogen joked about the ceremony being held in a “hermetically sealed tin” during a pandemic — “I would not have come to this!”


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