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Sahoo / Saaho Collection Day 23 Worldwide & India Box office of Saho| Good News For Prabhas Fans

The belittling from critics or audience and the collections which were in a downward spiral. With all this negativity prevailing behind the movie Saaho, it has reached the 4th weekend. This is not a simple accomplishment. Everybody predicted the movie will wipe out from all the theatres by week three itself. Now every one of the fans is longing to know how it is doing collection wise.

Some over-optimistic netizens have expected the collection to go high on the weekend yet that didn’t happen as anyone with the knowledge of Saaho collections from the release could deduct. Even though the weekend collections aren’t that much impressive, it does counter the flop talk against the movie. Read on to see the collection records.

Sahoo/ Saaho Box office Collections of Day 23:

Saaho Week-wise Worldwide Net Box office Collections

  • 1st Week (3 Days): ₹ 200.88 Crores
  • 2nd Week:              ₹ 90.42 Crores
  • 3rd Week:              ₹ 19.30 Crores

Gross WorldWide Box Office Collections for 3 weeks: 310.6 Crores

Saaho Week 4 Daywise Collections (Net)

  • 18th day:  ₹ 0.80 Cr
  • 19th day:  ₹ 0.80 Cr
  • 20th day: ₹ 0.65 Cr
  • 21st day: ₹ 0.60 Cr
  • 22nd day: ₹ 0.60 Cr
  • 23rd day:  ₹ 0.90 Cr

It can be seen that the movie managed to collect 30 lakhs more on the weekend than from Friday. It is visible that the movie manages to collect 60 lakhs at the least for each day. It is not possible to expect for the movie to get a better collection than this anymore.

Yet on Sunday, these numbers will presumably improve a little bit. What do you think will happen? Let us know your opinion below in the comments section.

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