2.0 China Day 4 Collection – 2.0 China 4th Day Box Office Collections

2.0 China Day 4 Collection: Robo 2.0 came to the Indian Bollywood Industry with a lot of expectations because of the hype Robo 2.0 had created about its VFX scenes. But after the movie released, it didn’t seem that the movie stood over the Indian audience expectations and it became a failure at the Indian box office. In China to the trend is similar to India as all the box office collection of Robo 2.0 are dropping slowly there too.

Robo 2.0 had collected a total gross of 2 million dollars in the first two days of its release and it approximately means a total gross of 14 crores in Indian rupees. After that in the 3rd day, the total collection of Robo 2.0 increased because in the 3rd day it collected a total gross of 1.2 million dollars which means a total gross of 8.6 crores in Indian Rupees the 3rd day. But on the 4th day, the movie’s gross collection dropped down.

robo 2.0 collection

2.0 China Day 4 Box Office Collections

The movie was shown up in more than 21,000 screens in China on the 4th day and collected a total gross of about 0.1 million dollars which is a total gross of 70 lakhs in Indian Rupees. Afterward, Robo 2.0 was released on more than 61,000 screens in China but gradually the hype of Robo 2.0 decreased. And due to the lowering of the hype, the number of screens of the movie also decreased and because of it the gross collections also decreased and the film got showed in over 48,000 screens after that.

But in the history of the Bollywood industry in China, we have also seen hike in the collections even after the movie’s hype get decreasing. So, it might happen that we could again see an increase in the hike of Robo 2.0 in China. The makers of Robo 2.0 are expecting that the movie will again get a hike in China but the experts say that it is not going to happen this time. But we can only sit back and see what happened in the upcoming days.

Previous Records in China by Indian Movies

  1. Dangal- Dangal is the highest-grossing movie ever of Bollywood in China. It had collected 203 million dollars which is roughly 1305 Crores in Indian Rupees.
  2. Secret Superstar- Secret superstar stands in second place in highest-grossing movies in China. It had collected a total gross of 117.59 million dollars which is roughly 757 Crores in Indian Rupees.
  3. Andhadhun- 48.28 Million Dollars (333.74 Crores)
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan45.54 Million Dollars (295.76 Crores)
  5. Hindi Medium32.93 Million Dollars (219.17 Crores)
  6. Hichki21.33 Million Dollars (156.66 Crores)
  7. 2.0- 2.0 has collected only 2.62 Million Dollars (18.34 Crores)

These were all the data regarding 2.0 and other Indian Movies in China. What do you think? Is 2.0 going to hike in the upcoming days? How much it will collect total in China? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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