Robin Harris AKA Pop of ‘House Party’ Suddenly Died in 1990 Not Seeing His Kid’s Birth


“House Party” actor, Robin Harris Sr. will always be remembered as one of the greatest comedians of all time. His career was at its peak, and he left behind his pregnant wife. The star’s life.

Robin Harris Sr., the comedian who was at the height of his career over three decades ago, died in his sleep from a heart attack. Robin Sr., who was only 36 at the time of Robin’s death, was well-known for being a comedian.

Robin Sr. relied heavily on jokes about being broken and ugly to make his point. This was far from who he was. Born on August 30, 1953, in Chicago, the legend schooled at Manual Arts High School, and later on, he attended Ottawa University in Kansas.

Comedian Robin Harris. | Photo: youtube/isthemoviegood

Robin Harris is a comedian. | Photo: youtube/isthemoviegood

After graduation, he began working little jobs to prove he was something. Robin Sr. believed he had something valuable to offer the entertainment industry while working. He discovered that he was a comedian and had the ability to make people laugh.

Robin Sr. moved to Kansas from Los Angeles, where he started his incredible career as a stand up comedian. He began performing in local clubs before he was noticed by Spike Lee and Reginald Hudlin.

Comedian Robin Harris performs in what would be his final performance at the New Regal Theater in Chicago, Illinois on March 17, 1990. | Photo: Getty Images

Robin Harris, comedian, performs at Chicago’s New Regal Theater on March 17, 1990. This was his last performance. Photo by Getty Images He later appeared on the show Sweet Dick Willie. In 1990 Robin Sr. was a household name thanks to his appearance as Pop on the. While he continued acting, he also organized comedy shows. | Photo: Getty Images

Later on, he appeared on “Do The Right Thing,” where he played the role of Sweet Dick Willie and “Mo Better Blues.” In 1990, Robin Sr. became a household name after appearing as Pop in the “House Party.” While acting, he made sure to continue organizing comedy shows.

On March 18, 1990, fans of the star were able to witness his talent. His mother found him dead in his Four Seasons Hotel bedroom.

After several tests were carried out, medical reports revealed that he had long battled with sleep apnea and finally died from cardiac arrest. Speculations of poison or narcotics were dropped, as no traces were found in his blood.

Robin Sr. died in a tragic accident, but his legacy lives on in the form of other comedians who admire him. Robin Harris Jr. was not able to see the genius of Robin Sr.

He once revealed that he often thought about where his father would be if he were still alive.


Exetta Harris was married to Robin Harris Sr. at the time of his death in 1990. Together, the couple had two sons, Robin Harris Jr. born six months after his father’s death, and his brother Antoine whom not much is known about.

Exetta, like her husband, has a passion for the film industry. Exetta makes sure that movies meet expectations, even though she doesn’t show any talent. She is a producer and is known for “Unsung Hollywood,” “One Night Stand,” and “Robin Harris: Live From The Comedy Act Theatre.”

Exetta also loves sharing pictures of herself on social media. She once took to her Facebook page to post a picture of herself looking lovely in a lilac shirt.

Her hair was wavy and her makeup light. Exetta wore matching earrings and a big smile to finish the look.

Apart from sharing images of herself, Exetta also blesses fans with pictures of her grandkids. To celebrate the new year in 2020, Exetta posted a picture of herself and her grandchildren on her Facebook page. She captioned it:

“The 1st Day of #2020 and we all had a ball 🥰😍😘💕❤.”


Since the death of her husband, Exetta and Robin Jr. have made it a top priority to keep Robin Sr.’s legacy alive. In 2019, they produced the ninth annual comedy salute in honor of the comedian at Regency West in South Los Angeles.

Robin Jr. is also a rap artist and has dedicated one of his tracks, “Sons Of a Legend,” to his father. Many hoped he would develop an interest in comedy since they think he inherited his father’s sense of humor.

Robin Jr. has been candid about Robin Sr. throughout interviews over the years. He once revealed that he often thought about where his father would be if he were still alive.

Robin Jr. considered the late comedian a pioneer, especially with his style of comedy. He also made it known that he had plans to make a sequel of “Bebes Kids”— a comedy animation that depicts the life of Robin Harris Sr.


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