Review of Freshly: Is their new menu plant-based?


Review of Freshly: Is their new menu plant-based?

When I tried Freshly the first time around, I was pleasantly surprised at how the convenient delivery service managed to create such uniquely gourmet and fresh-tasting meals in such portable packaging. They reached out to me recently to give me some samples of their new menu, which is plant-based and includes many items that are gluten-free. They were so generous to send me samples of their new plant-based menu.

This batch of Freshly meals came in a better packaging than ever before. Each meal was placed between two large ice bags, and then wrapped with an insulating material that is thick yet lightweight so it arrived perfectly chilled. Freshly works hard on sustainability as well, as per their website:

“Our boxes, plastic meal containers, and cardboard sleeves are all recyclable. The recycled denim insulation is largely biodegradable, at roughly 85%! The gel ice packs are non-toxic, and their plastic bags around the gel packs and denim are recyclable too.”

The meals inside looked delicious, and I immediately tore into the Buffalo Cauliflower Mac & Cheeze with Garlicky Broccoli. Name-wise, it’s right on the money and that’s a great thing because I love garlic. It was rich and flavorful with 390 calories. Nutritional yeast is used to create the “cheesy” sauce, and I think I actually prefer the texture and taste to the “real” cheese-based sauces you’d find in standard brands.

Buffalo Cauliflower Mac & Cheeze with Garlicky Broccoli

(Freshly )

Over the next few days, my husband and I subbed in the remaining meals where we’d otherwise order GrubHub and end up spending $50 or more for two meals. Freshly suggests microwaving their meals, but we can’t fit a microwave in our teensy Brooklyn kitchen so we simply dumped the contents into a skillet and stirred until warm.

The Farmstead Baked Lentil Pasta with Seasonal Veggies & Creamy Marinara was a big hit with the husband, who downed it for lunch while working from home one day. As a sturdy, meat-loving 6’3” man who mostly does physical labor at his job, I was impressed it was able to satisfy his healthy appetite!

My personal favorite was far and away the Middle Eastern Falafel Bowl with Garlicky Tahini Sauce & Whole Grains, a substantial meal that saved my life one morning when I woke up after a night of too many drinks with friends and needed serious sustenance. I feel gross from the typical New Yorker hangover remedy of bacon, eggs, and cheese. However, the delicious falafel with flavorful Tahini sauce was a great way to get through the day without getting too full.

Other fantastic meals included were the Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl with Basmati Rice, Lentils & Veggies and the Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito with Purely Plant Crumbles. Both are delicious and flavorful meals, especially when served with a side of green salad. While most meals contain plenty of vegetables, it’s nice to have some fresh produce available to expand your culinary horizons. Despite feeling like a lot of food, the nutritional breakdown was always on point–all dinners stuck around the 400 to 600 calorie mark and contained a great mix of carbs, fat, and protein for a well-rounded experience.

Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito with Purely Plant Crumbles

(Freshly )

If you’re looking for something quick, easy, delicious, filling, and affordable, you’d be a fool to not give Freshly a shot. It’s delicious, it saves money, we don’t have to go to the grocery store and then spend hours cooking, and it encourages me to try more plant-based recipes when I cook.

Freshly plans average $9 or$10 per meal, with theses options available:

4 meals a week is $47.16 + $6.99 shipping = $54.15

6 meals a week is $59.94 + $6.99 shipping = $66.93

8 meals a week is $75.92 + $8.99 shipping = $84.91

10 meals a week is $92.90 + $10.99 shipping = $103.89

12 meals a week is $107.88 + $11.99 shipping = $119.87

You can customize what you receive based on dietary restrictions and taste, so click through to see their current menu here and try Freshly now!

Freshly Meal Plans

Click through to see all available meal plans and Freshly’s full menu.


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