Reducing risk with an immigration attorney

The telegraph star brings you information that can help you make decisions, learn about things that are happening in the world around you, and act accordingly. Many people read newspapers and magazines so that they can reduce the risk of not knowing what is going on. Equally important is reducing your risk by using a qualified attorney.

The world of immigration law is very complex. Knowing exactly which forms to fill out and when can be complicated. This is especially true when your status changes, when you have children or you get new employment opportunities where you get married. Even small mistakes in the process of submitting immigration applications can complicate your immigration matters. In fact, it can even result in your application being thrown out, you being deported, or being charged with criminal offenses like falsifying a document.

To avoid minor mistakes resulting in serious consequences, you can reduce the risk associated with your immigration case by hiring a qualified immigration attorney. 

Case efficiency

Hiring an immigration attorney near you is beneficial not just with regard to reducing the risk associated with your case, but with improving the efficiency of your case. Some estimates stipulate that hiring an immigration attorney to help you with your applications can save you between four and eight weeks of processing time.

Why is this?

Immigration attorneys are a legal solution that know exactly which types of immigration relief or visas are available to you given your situation. They also know how to help compile a complete application the first time with all of the necessary documentation.

Being able to select the right type of visa and fill out a valid application the first time can save you time and money by avoiding rejections and having to comply with requests for additional evidence.

What’s more, attorneys can prepare you for your interview. One aspect of your immigration case is the interview that you have to do either at a facility in the United States or at a consulate or Embassy overseas. Being prepared for this interview ahead of time can help streamline the process and reduce the risk of your application being rejected when you are within sight of the finish line.

Applying for an adjustment of your immigration status or a waiver usually brings you to the attention of immigration authorities. You don’t want to pay unnecessarily high filing fees and go through problems that can last months if you can avoid it. This is where an immigration attorney is particularly invaluable. Depending on your situation, you might legitimately be in danger of being detained in jail for criminal charges associated with your immigration status or application, with deportation, or with exclusion from the United States for anywhere between 3 years and twenty years.

What laws affect my case?

Immigration law is a federal law. That means it applies to all of the United States no matter which state you are in or in which state your Immigration lawyer works. 

Criminal Charges

Generally speaking most crimes will fall under state law, but if you are not an American citizen and you are charged with a crime it can affect your immigration application and if you were charged with a crime in the United States it can be grounds for deportation even if you have a Visa. The best US immigration attorney can help determine whether previous criminal charges might place you in jeopardy of deportation or how current criminal charges might affect things like green card applications.


While getting married is a civil law, once you are married or become engaged, you might have to change the status of your Visa. If you want to adjust the status of your current documents because you married a US citizen, you might consider speaking with an immigration attorney to determine whether it is best for you to apply for relief from outside of the United States or remain in the United States and continue through the process of proceedings in Immigration Court. Working with an attorney is particularly useful if you do have to face Immigration Court because you will have a qualified legal specialist who is familiar with immigration statutes and any relevant waivers to help you along the way.

If I am illegal in the U.S., can I stay?

There are many individuals who want to adjust their immigration status from being an illegal or undocumented immigrants to being a legal resident. An immigration attorney can review your situation, explain the dangers about deportation and reentry prohibitions, and go over what avenues may or may not be available to you to help with your current illegal status. 

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