Queen Sugar Season 7: Latest Updates, Release Date, Plot Synopsis & More


Is Queen Sugar new tonight on OWN? We’re coming off of an extremely dramatic episode last week, so is more coming around the bend?

Well, here’s where we hand down a little bit of good news and bad news. Let’s start by getting the unfortunate part out of the way now: There is no new episode tonight on the network. To go along with that, there’s no episode for the remainder of the year. Last week was the finale! We do at least know that there’s another season coming, as a renewal was announced last week. However, this is where we have to circle back and hand over another bit of bad news: Season 7 will be the final one. More than likely, you’ll see it at some point in 2022.

Queen Sugar Season 7

So what’s going to happen? It’s hard to know a lot of the finer details, but we assume that it will pick things up in the aftermath of Vi and the Bordelons not selling. They continue to press onward, and we’re certainly hoping that some happiness is coming after a season stuffed full of drama.

Speaking recently to TVLine, here is some of what Vi herself in Tina Lifford had to say about the story of the finale:

“Trials and tribulations are the Bordelon way … Season 6 was rough. We almost lost Prosper, the police kept harassing and abusing Nova, Aunt Vi had a health scare. There was even a woman trying to steal Hollywood away from Vi. But through it all, the Bordelons kept loving on each other and fighting the good fight, and it all paid off in the end. I know fans felt a sense of relief because we as the cast felt it, too.”

As much drama as there often is in Queen Sugar, we’ll keep hoping for some happiness down the road. We don’t think the producers would want this series to end on some sort of altogether-depressing note.

What do you want to see on Queen Sugar season 7?

Also, how are you feeling about this being the final batch of episodes? Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments; after doing that, be sure to stick around — there are other updates coming and we don’t want you to miss them.


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