Protests In Hong Kong Lead To Cancellation Of Over 100 Flights

A recent report states that a protest across Hong Kong in China leads to cancellation of over 100 flights. The removal of the flights took place on Monday morning. On the other hand, the authorities of the airport even warned the passengers that there would be a potential disruption in flight plans. The reason as to why the flights were canceled from flying was due to a complete city-wide strike.

The authorities said that around 105 flights were put into the canceled category due to the protest. On the other hand, the cancellation of Hong Kong flight plans was put on the departure page of the airport to protect the citizens.

Protests In Hong Kong Lead To Cancellation Of Over 100 Flights

The airport authorities gave the updates to the passengers

The spokesperson of the Hong Kong airport said that the passengers tried to establish contact with them regarding this matter. However, the spokesperson was speechless when the passengers asked the reason to cancel the flights. They didn’t get any answers while questioning the authorities regarding the cancellation. The passengers immediately asked them to get onboard a replacement flight, but nothing happened.

Moreover, the authority of the airport later released a statement concerning the cancellation of the flights. In the report, the Airport Authority said that the passengers should keep tabs on their respective airlines to gain further information. The airport officials also said that the passengers could only proceed to the airport when their flight timing and seats are confirmed.

One country, two systems led to the protest

The protestors across Hong Kong began the city-wide strike after putting a massive fire outside one of the police stations in Sha Tin. Moreover, Sha Tin is a northern residential area where both demonstrators and authorities clashed.

The protestors did block one of the most significant roads of the city of Hong Kong and did not let anyone pass. The situation in Hong Kong is extremely alarming, and this led to the cancellation of the flights.

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