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Prince Harry in stitches recalling how Philip and Queen ‘loved things going wrong’

Prince Harry and Prince William have remembered their late grandfather Prince Philip as a keen joker, noting how he and the Queen loved things to go wrong.

The Queen’s husband passed away in April this year, just months shy of his 100th birthday.

In BBC documentary Prince Philip:The Royal Family Remembers, members of Royal Family, including Sussex and the Dukes, share their stories about the time they shared with the patriarch.

Away from the often-serious spotlight of the royal institution, William was keen to pay homage to his grandfather’s reportedly playful personality.

“My grandpa has a very good sense of humour. And he enjoys playing practical jokes, and enjoys teasing”He said that.

The Queen and Prince Philip
Prince Philip passed away in April, just months shy of his 100th birthday

“And my grandfather loved things when they go wrong. Both my grandparents loved that because you can imagine, they’ve lived a life where everything has to go right the whole time.

“So when things go wrong, they both chuckle an awful lot. Everybody else is embarrassed but they love it.

The prince’s brother Harry agreed, remarking on how the Queen and her husband enjoyed the awkwardness of others doing their best to maintain high standards on royal visits.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry has recalled how his grandparents loved it when royal engagements went wrong

He explained: “There’s just sort of that imbalance where with everybody doing their absolute best to make sure: ‘The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are coming, let’s make sure we get everything absolutely right’.

“‘Remember, every single year we’ve got it right, let’s keep doing that’. Yet, the two of them are going, ‘I wonder if something is going to go wrong this year, how exciting’.”

During the commemorative documentary, William also recalled an incident where a young man embarking on a Duke of Edinburgh trip had unknowingly sworn at the Queen’s husband, only to receive a typically witty response.

Prince Philip and the Queen
Prince Philip was committed to the British military, serving in the Navy and RAF during his lifetime

Aside from spending time with his young grandchildren, Philip was also hugely committed to the British military, serving in both the Navy and the RAF during his lifetime.

And the Duke of Sussex noted that Philip’s dry humour extended to his well-wishes when he headed off to serve with the Army in Afghanistan, simply telling him: “Make sure you come back alive.”

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Prince Harry in stitches recalling how Philip and Queen 'loved things going wrong'
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