Popular DC Characters Who Were Secretly Family


DC Characters’ family ties were kept secret until they were revealed, leading to conflict. DC heroes and villains have a fairly complex family tree. The family secrets revealed provided fans with endless entertainment and inevitable conflicts in the DC characters. As DC comics resolved these conflicts by making these families allies and reuniting their brothers, other relationships deteriorated, creating constant and lingering tensions.


Lincoln March (Character) - Comic VineLincoln March was in The New 52 as an opponent of Batman. After the fight with Batman, Lincoln claimed his real name was Thomas Wayne Jr. and Bruce Wayne’s younger brother. He told Bruce that Martha Wayne regularly went to the orphanage where he grew up and was taken care of by the Court of Owls on Bruce’s behalf.


Lex Luthor created a Superboy using his DNA combination fused to Superman in a plan that failed faster than a bullet. It’s a failed experiment, so it’s easy to forget the origin of Superboy. Luther cloned Superboy with the intention of making his superhuman version. Instead, Superboy inherits the best traits from Superman, who Luther completely hates.

Superboy | DC character

Jackson Hyde was born on the Earth’s surface, oblivious to his Atlantean heritage. Jackson was the son of Black Manta. His mother decided to reveal something about his past and how she escaped from Atlantis.

Jackson Hyde | DC

Another brother-sister duo that can’t stand each other are Ares and Wonder Woman. Zeus created both warriors, but their family’s history gets a little strange when they realize Ares is also Wonder Woman’s grandfather.

Wonder Woman fought Ares

One interesting thing about Flash history is that Speedsters are mainly related. Wally West’s Flash is the cousin of Barry Allen’s Flash, the father of the Tornado Twins. However, their close family relationships aren’t the only reason they can use Speed ​​Force in such a similar way. Being part of the same family means growing up with the same values ​​that instill the courage to make them superheroes.

The Flash, Superhero Comic

Hippolyta and Zeus have a secret son Jason, Wonder Woman’s brother. In the Darkseid War, Hippolyta gave birth to two children.

Hippolyta and Zeus son

DC characters are related in many ways as Connor Hawke is an illegitimate child of Oliver Queen. Connor Hawke grew up without a father. Connor learned archery in the same monastery where his father lived when he was young. Conner became a world-class archer and took over the Green Arrow mantle when his father died.

Connor Hawke the DC character

Grail is a daughter of the Darkseid and grew up with her father. Grail, destined to kill her father, was raised in secret by her mother. Her mother took her to the enchanted island.

The newest DC character on this list is Dick Grayson. Tom Taylor’s Nightwing series recently revealed that Dick Grayson has a half-sister. Melinda Zucco, the newly appointed mayor of Bludhaven, is the half sister of Dick Grayson. Melinda’s mother had a brief relationship with John Grayson and became pregnant with Melinda, but her mother returned to Tony Zucco.

Nightwing's sister

Cassandra Cain, a batgirl, is also one of the most skilled fighters among the DC characters. It turns out that Cassandra’s mother is none other than Lady Shiva, one of the greatest fighters in the world. Unfortunately, the meeting between Kassandra and her mother was never a loving one.

Batgirl: Cassandra Cain


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