PM Modi ‘Man vs Wild’ show with Bear Grylls to be aired on Aug 12

The BJP has tweeted a promotional video of 68-year-old Prime Minister Narendra Modi driving into the Jim Corbett National Park guided by Man VS Wild host Bear Grylls. With three days remaining for the episode to air on Discovery Channel, BJP was quick to tweet the video showcasing the prime minister and the show host on Friday.

The video of the episode, which will air on April 12, shows Modi driving into the Jim Corbett National Park alongside Grylls, who assures protection to Modi as he is the most important person in India. The trailer also has shots of Modi following Grylls as he treks through the wilderness. The duo is also seen in a small inflated raft on a river in the park. Those who don’t know, the Ramganga and Kosi both flow through this national park.

Just before Discovery Channel posted the video on its social media a month ago, Grylls said on Twitter the biggest announcement of the year was awaiting as he was about to take one of the world’s most powerful leaders into the wild to create awareness about animal conservation and environmental change.

Speaking about the show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reflected on how he had lived among nature, in the mountains and forests for years – an experience which has had a lasting impact on his life. He said when he was offered a special programme focusing on life beyond politics in the midst of nature, he was both intrigued and inclined to participate.

The highly-rated show, which is now in its eighth season, features Grylls tackling difficult situations and navigating through the remotest corners of the world, sharing invaluable survival tactics along the way. Among other celebrities who have been featured on the show are actresses Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet, basketball star Michael Jordan, tennis player Roger Federer and President Barrack Obama.

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