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Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden ‘cuts ties’ with anti-vax pals hailing them ‘selfish’

Celia Walden, 45, said she doesn’t “need or want” jab-refusers in her life after husband Piers Morgan, 56, said he’s still suffering effects months after his Covid bout began.

Celia claimed that she had gotten rid of a friend who refused to be vaccinated even though everyone around her was vaccinated.

Celia accused the ex-pal of “eye-watering selfishness”, adding: “As anyone who has ever worked in a professional setting will tell you, all it takes is that one no-team player to upset the balance.”

Celia also blamed the BBC for its Strictly Covid fiasco, after it was claimed “dancers who refused to be vaccinated” were allowed to compete. Since then, singer Tom Fletcher (36), and Amy Dowden (31), have tested positive.

Celia isn't involving herself with any anti-vaxxers
Celia isn’t involving herself with any anti-vaxxers

BBC bosses have since released a statement defending their decision: “The BBC has never commented nor confirmed the vaccination status of anyone on the show. It’s not our place to.

Bosses also claimed that “none” of the Strictly production team from dancers to celebrities have raised concerns to the BBC or threatened to quit.

“We have in place strict procedures to protect those on the show and the wider production. Among the many measures in place on Strictly, the dancers are tested regularly to be in close contact with their partners,” added the BBC.

Despite the controversy, Insiders to the pros have claimed that the unvaccinated dancers are staying firm in their decision to not have a Covid vaccination.

Celia raised her concerns regarding Strictly too
Celia raised her concerns regarding Strictly too

Celia’s tough stance is likely the result of her husband’s endless suffering with long Covid. The gobby telly host has said he is still suffering the “irritating” effects of long Covid after testing positive for the virus 10 weeks ago.

The controversial broadcaster, who recently stormed of Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologize over his comments about Meghan Markle, claims he caught the virus during the Euro 2020 final, took to Twitter asking his followers whether it was possible to ever fully recover.

“Has anyone had long Covid symptoms of fatigue & loss of taste/smell for 10 weeks or more and then fully recovered – if so, what did you do that helped get over it? It’s getting very irritating..”He wrote.

Piers has suffered with long covid
Piers has suffered with long covid

In a positive response one fan replied: “I did… Jan caught Covid, was off my feet Feb and March but just slowly got out and about, fresh air and pushed a bit more each day.

It comes after Piers revealed he still hasn’t regained his sense of smell and taste following his battle with the deadly virus.

Piers didn’t receive much sympathy from his son Spencer Morgan, 28, after he jokingly commented “get over it” in the comments

Piers Morgan's wife Celia Walden 'cuts ties' with anti-vax pals hailing them 'selfish'
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