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Peter Sutcliffe fell from bed trying to change TV channel before dying of Covid

Peter Sutcliffe fell from bed trying to change TV channel before dying of Covid

The Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe fell out of his bed trying to change the channel on his TV in one of his last prison acts before dying from Covid, an inquest heard.

On November 13, 2017, the serial killer who was serving a lifetime sentence for 13 murders of women in 1970s England, died at age 74.

Crispin Oliver, a Crook, Durham coroner, was informed that Sutcliffe died at the University Hospital of North Durham at 11.45am.

The evil killer was currently serving a life sentence in Frankland prison at maximum security.

His last act in prison was to slip from his bed while trying change the channel on his TV.

The fall, which occurred before Sutcliffe was transferred to the hospital for his final treatment, did not cause him any injuries.

Inquest revealed that Sutcliffe was suffering from heart disease and diabetes, both of which are risk factors to Covid-19.

In the 1970s, Sutcliffe terrorized northern England in a five-year terror reign that spanned 1975 to 1980.

Two weeks before his death, he was taken to hospital for dizziness and was diagnosed at the prison’s health unit with a blocked coronary artery.

He returned to Frankland in November and tested positive for Covid after his first hospitalization.

Angela Spence, a prison nurse said Sutcliffe was given antibiotics for a sore throat and that his health had worsened. He also suffered from rapid heart rate and an acute cough.

Lee Drummond, prison governor, stated that Sutcliffe had been admitted to the hospital on both November 8th and 9th. He was then released the next day.

After the country’s March 2020 lockdown, Mr Drummond stated that vulnerable prisoners were warned about the dangers of coronavirus.

They were offered similar measures to community shielding. Sutcliffe refused to accept the offer.

Sutcliffe was moved to Frankland in 2016, after which he spent 32 years in the notorious Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.

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Peter Sutcliffe fell from bed trying to change TV channel before dying of Covid
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