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People in stitches as cute bear birthday card looks ruder than intended

Choosing the right birthday card for a loved one can be difficult when there is so much choice.

After seeing a card that was very sexually explicit, the person was stunned.

Reddit was used by the poster to share their hilarious discovery at the Post Office.

They titled the post: “My local Post Office has an excellent selection of greeting cards.”

Looking at the choice of birthday cards on offer, the Reddit user saw a card adorned with a delighted-looking bear holding some fruit in a pink tutu.

Although it looks innocent at first, many users noticed that the fruit was placed in a rather odd place.

bear on birthday card
That really is a birthday greeting…

Hilariously, the bear seems to be caressing its chest in the card that reads: “A birthday greeting”.

Many people shared their opinions on the card in the comments section.

One person commented on the post: “’A Birthday Greeting’ – looks like two to me!”

Another person added: “Those are some weird nipples.”

To which someone else replied: “They are inverted!”

And a third person said: “Bear jokes!”

To be honest we bear-ly even noticed!

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People in stitches as cute bear birthday card looks ruder than intended
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