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Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen was held down by Clive during ‘terrifying’ first labour

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has admitted that giving birth to her first child was a “terrifying” experience which saw her husband Clive having to hold her down in hospital.

The Channel 5 star shares nine children with her husband Clive, and she opened up about the traumatic experience of giving birth to her oldest child, Raven.

She explained that she had wanted a home birth and reckoned she would need as little assistance as possible, but things soon took a frightening turn as Amanda’s baby became stuck.

Speaking on Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Spinning Plates podcast, she said: “Basically, baby was stuck completely and totally jammed.

“So my idea of staying at home and it all being fine turned into a blue light.

amanda owen
Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen said her husband Clive had to hold her down during the traumatic birth of her first child, Raven

“It wasn’t good because it was two hours in an ambulance and of course because they couldn’t monitor the baby, I couldn’t have any pain relief.

“And what I didn’t realise was that when a baby gets stuck like that, your body actually goes into permanent contraction, so I was writhing and they were holding me down, and my midwife was being travel sick, because the ambulance was rocking and rolling – it’s like worst nightmare for the first baby.”

Eventually, Amanda explained how her husband Clive had to help hold her wife down during the tense procedure.

She added: “They had to hold me down to give me an epidural because it was moving all over and they brought my husband in to hold me down to get the needle in.”

amanda owen
Mum-of-nine Amanda had originally wanted a home birth, but she suffered complications in hospital when her baby wasn’t in the right place

Luckily for Amanda and Clive, Raven was “absolutely fine” after she had to undergo a C section.

Later on, Amanda confessed she has a rather unusual way of celebrating her kids’ birthdays – preferring to celebrate all of their birthdays at the same time in the summer.

She said: “When the children are little, because I’ve got various ones that have birthdays in the summer, we would also have birthdays en masse.

“They tend to bunch up through the summer, so you’ll have to make out of that what you like.

“But basically, while they are little and they don’t know what day their birthday is, it makes absolute sense to just cram them all in.

amanda owen
Amanda had to have an emergency C-section with Clive being ordered to step in to stop her from moving

“Some people will be mortified and be like ‘oh but what about their special day!'”

It turns out that the Shepherdess also does things differently when it comes to matters concerning the tooth fairy.

She went on: “Things have got so sort of bad at our house that we have an accumulated en masse visit of the tooth fairy,

“We’re just like ‘put it under the pillow every night until the tooth fairy can actually be bothered to come to the house!'”

Amanda and her husband Clive share Raven, 20, Reuben, 16, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Annas, seven, Clemmy, five, and Nancy, four.

The mum-of-nine admitted she no longer feels contractions after giving birth to nine children.

amanda owen
Amanda lives with husband Clive and their nine children at Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire

In an excerpt from her book, she said: “The only way I know that I am in labour is because I start feeling a bit off, grotty, queasy, not quite right.

“Because I spend my time calving cows and lambing sheep, it seemed to me that having a baby was going to be the most natural thing in the world.

“I am no earth mother, hippy type, but I am a great believer in nature.”

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Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen was held down by Clive during 'terrifying' first labour
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