Oppo Find N Is Due For Its Big Unveiling This Week


Earlier this year, we were promised a deluge of foldables before the end of 2022 including the Pixel Fold. While Google’s foldable has failed to materialize, the Oppo Find N is due for its big unveiling this week.

Stealing its thunder somewhat is the usually extremely reliable leaker Evan Blass, who has published a number of shots of the device, which are likely to be official marketing material, given the quality of the images.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Oppo Find N has two forms: a phone of regular (albeit thick) dimensions, which opens up to reveal a larger foldable tablet screen.

Here, we see a few more details than in the brief 15-second trailer, including three camera lenses on the back of the device (with a text reading “50MP”) and what appears to be hole-punch cameras on both the front screen and the larger, unfolded one.Oppo Find N Press Renders Tipping Design, Specifications Surface Ahead of  December 15 Launch | Technology News

The images show the device in five colors — black, white, gray, light green and lavender. There’s a USB-C port on the button of the handset, and text on the hinge reading “Designed for Find.”

Launching a foldable device is always a bit nerve racking, as Samsung discovered with the original Galaxy Fold that had to be quickly recalled from reviewers due to reliability issues. But Oppo has the advantage of time on its side, with the Find N arriving 27 months after the original Galaxy Fold, and the company also notes that its been through six generations of prototype to get to this point, too.

It’s not clear whether the Oppo Find N will see much of a release beyond China, and even if it does, the brand isn’t huge in the United States so it may not make too much of a splash. But another reason to pay attention to this is that Oppo is the sister company of OnePlus, and the two are now officially working closer together.

Alleged leaked shots of the Oppo Find N

OnePlus hinted that a foldable was on the way earlier in the year, but it turned out to be an ill-judged prank promoting a time-limited discount. Given the similarity between OnePlus and Oppo handsets in the past (the OnePlus 8 Pro and Oppo Find X2 Pro look remarkably alike), it perhaps wouldn’t be surprising if this were the blueprint for a future OnePlus device.

Then again, OnePlus may have something more unusual planned for its first foldable…


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