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Online dater loses it with match after they take 15 minutes to reply

Online dating isn’t easy to navigate for many people, with everyone’s expectations being different.

Some people reply quickly while others can take days.

One guy was the latter as he failed to reply fast enough.

The two were messaging each other on Bumble, which allows females first to message.

The guy was not happy that his match took fifteen minutes to respond to him.

Reddit was used by the woman to show the man’s explosive reaction to the brief wait.

He had written to her: “Do you live downtown,” and then gave her his Snapchat name.

Online dater loses it with match after they take 15 minutes to reply
The woman explained she was in the shower

It seems like after 15 minutes had gone by though, he thought that she was blowing him off, as he then told her: “Lol, you need to be a lot more attractive to waste my time, have a nice life.”

The girl was shocked as she replied to him: “Woah that was mean. Sorry I was in the shower.”

She then told him: “That hurt my feelings though, damn.”

The guy then replied: “Lol sorry,” as she told him: “I’m already insecure about my looks.”

Man on his phone
The guy told her not to ‘waste his time’

He then told her he was “actually sorry” and then said: “Snap me and come over or don’t.

“Don’t mean that in a d**k way, just factual.”

However, the girl wasn’t having any of it as she told him: “This was just plain rude.

“Idk how you expect to get a woman that way.”

Eek seems to be looking for partners for a while longer.

However, this isn’t the only story about dating that has made headlines this week.

The same chat-up line was used on two of his friends by a man who tried to date.

The lad, known as Shaun, wrote to the female matches: “This is hands down the nicest picture I’ve seen in my entire Hinge career.”

However, he was caught out as one girl replied: “You said this to my friend as well ahahahaha.”

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Online dater loses it with match after they take 15 minutes to reply
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