Olivia Jade’s DWTS Debut Has Twitter Cracking All The Jokes


Olivia Jade's DWTS Debut Has Twitter Cracking All The Jokes

Shortly after Olivia Jade Giannulli performed her first dance, Twitter lit up like the mirrorball on the “Dancing With the Stars” ballroom set. 

Many of the tweets were reminiscent of the college admissions scandal Olivia Jade was caught up in. It was revealed that Lori Loughlin had purchased Olivia Jade’s entrance to the prestigious university. She even faked Olivia Jade’s rowing abilities to seal the deal. “Maybe Olivia Jade should have ‘joined’ the USC ballroom dancing team,” one snarky tweet read, while another viewer wondered if her helicopter mom was up to no good again: “Quick question: Did Olivia Jade’s mom bribe the judges for her to be on too?”

Others poked fun at the way in which she presented herself on the popular show. “Olivia Jade said she’s probably best known for being an influencer lol,” one Twitter user wrote. Worse was the accusation that the dance competition series was rigged in Jade’s favor. “No one needs to worry about voting for Olivia Jade, her parents will buy her the votes anyway,” another user penned, which begs the question: Even if Olivia Jade were to win the season fair and square, would anyone believe it?

All the best to Olivia Jade, and all of the contestants! This season is shaping up to be a wild one!


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