OGFATMAC Humble On His Path To Hip-Hop!!


The pursuit of greatness

Reaching your goals requires all your effort if you want to attain the heights of success. God’s gift is to let you map out the step to complete your vision and follow it. Moreover, you need to be crazy enough to follow it to achieve your dreams.

OGFATMAC remains hungry and humble on his path to Hip-Hop immortality

But not all are brave enough to go out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams. Gaining “15-minutes of fame” in Hip-Hop can come easy; however, maintaining longevity separates good from great. For that reason, one must be a born-visionary, possess a lion’s heart, and have unparalleled willpower.

The impact of rap music

Hip-Hop is a global phenomenon and has changed the landscape of music and humanity. The message of Hip-Hop music is life-changing in this modern age, and its iconic influence has transformed the lives of African-Americans worldwide.

The creativity of Black people has brought forward beautiful and heart-touching lyrics. People have been captivated by the depth of their words throughout the world. Hip-Hop music illuminates the music industry’s hidden pain, racism, misogynistic biases, and social injustices that affect minorities globally.

Rap music dictates the pulse of youth culture. Millennials and Generation Z consumers leverage rap music’s wisdom, innovation, and creative freedom to guide their lives. Rap music dominates social media trends, pre-game warm-ups, TV commercials, Hollywood, the night-club scene, and more. Hip-Hop dictates the pulse and frequency of pop culture.

OGFATMAC relentless pursuit of rap supremacy

OGFATMAC is the face of empowered Hip-Hop talented artists/entrepreneurs of our modern era. OGFATMAC’s life story bleeds through his lyrics and penetrates listener’s hearts.

OGFATMAC’s lyrics automatically connect with people’s deepest insecurities, pain, unconditional love, and unrelenting passion.

OGFATMAC understands his calling in life. Very few people understand and acknowledge their purpose in life. OGFATMAC doesn’t believe in a “Plan B” and accepts all the risks involving the rap game. OGFATMAC was born to win and built for the marathon of success.

RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST partnered with OGFATMAC in 2021 to create interactive music monetization outlets for his music.


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