New Series Based On German Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld In Works? Disney Plans For The Series


Late Karl Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer & photographer best known as the creative powerhouse behind the modern revival of French fashion house Chanel. He rubbed elbows with people like Anna Wintour, the longtime editor-in-chief of the American Fashion magazine.

Anyone who knows a bit about fashion has heard of him, and until Lagerfeld’s death in 2019 he continued to shine in the fashion industry; that’s why it’s no surprise Disney+ is interested in celebrating Lagerfeld’s life with a six-episode drama series called the emperor Karl.

The announcement is hot off the press, but as far as we know it will be a series to tune into from start to finish. So far here’s the tea:

Project details

Paris-based producer Gaumont, known for the Netflix series she-wolf, will lead the project. The announcement was made during a keynote speech during Series Mandia by Jan Koeppen, president of Disney EMEA. Writers Isaure Pisani-Ferry & Jennifer Have will also be featured in the project and have several impressive credits to their credit including TV series vampires and The Red Band Society.

New Series Based On German Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld In Works? Disney Plans For The Series

The series is set in the 1970s, when Karl Lagerfeld reached the age of thirty-nine and began his journey to become the face of Coco Chanel. He had big shoes to fill, as high-end designer Yves Saint Laurent was the biggest name in the industry at the time.

From then on, the series will highlight the business and personal relationships that Lagerfeld had, of the rivalry between him and Pierre Bergé, Laurent’s partner, as well as Jacques de Bascher, his longtime love. Overall, the Netflix series will reflect the life and career of Lagerfeld, who continues to be one of the most influential faces in the fashion world.

At this point, the premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully we’ll know more soon.

The beginning of Karl

The impression Karl Lagerfeld made on the fashion industry is undoubtedly unparalleled, and over seven decades he put his heart and soul into his craft.

After living in Paris for two years, he entered a design competition in 1955. Lagerfeld won in the jackets category and befriended Yves Saint Laurent, the winner of the dress category. Shortly after, he caught the eye of Pierre Balmain and landed an assistant job with him in 1955.

Once he got wet in the industry, he had the opportunity to create collections for big fashion names such as Fendi, Chanel and eventually his own signature label.

The Death of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld passed away at the age of 85. After a series of health problems, Lagerfeld was admitted to the American Hospital in Paris on February 18, 2019 and died a day later on February 19, 2019. The devastating news shocked the fashion industry, as well as the many branches he made along the way.

News of his health made the rounds when he missed Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019 show, which is very unusual for the fashion legend. This was the first show Lagerfeld missed since he took on the role of Chanel’s creative director in 1983.

When his death was announced, celebrity tributes poured in from Victoria Beckham, Donatella Versace, Alexa Chung, Rihanna & actress Diana Kruger.

Netflix biography series to watch

To date, there are dozens Netflix Original documentary series highlighting the rise (and fall) of some of the most respected and controversial people we’ve come to love and hate. If you can’t wait for the emperor Karl In the meantime, watch the various documentaries/documentary series below for the premiere.


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