New Rumors Fires Up As Charlie Cox Teases Fans On Possible Daredevil Return


Consequently, Cox is obviously playing coy with his answer, especially since he’s also teasing the idea of ​​Murdock/Daredevil being recast. While anything is possible, such a scenario is highly unlikely with the widespread acclaim for his performance on Netflix 2015-2018 daredevil One Season 2017 Series and Crossover Event Series The defenders.

Indeed, Cox’s portrayal of Marvel Comics’ Man without Fear has achieved something of a cult following, sparking a reaction that’s hard to suppress amid a potential recast. Plus, his Daredevil is the definitive representative of next Netflix maverick Marvel shows Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron fist and the punisher, which many see have been unfairly relegated to the realm of apocryphal books after cancellation and changing corporate landscapes led to more polished, direct MCU television offerings on Disney+ such as WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and the upcoming hawkeye.

When posing with the shocking scenario of Daredevil being recast, Cox boldly says, “I’d go downstairs in my basement. I’d find my Daredevil mask I have. And I’d hunt them down. I’d make them look after them.” fight.” Of course, he would then give the more gracious (albeit less interesting) answer that he wouldn’t advise any successors, because he would like them to discover the character for themselves the same way he had, and hopes it will be just the same. satisfactory as it was for him.

However, Cox presents a more viable option in teasing what he calls a “reimagining” of his character; one that fits No way home‘s multiverse premise. While the Netflix Marvel shows were simultaneously touted as taking place in the MCU — and even occasionally dropped Easter eggs onto the screen that seemingly codified the idea — no entry from Marvel Studios’ billion-generating movie powerhouse ever came to existence.

Indeed, the ongoing MCU ghosting of the New York-City-set Marvel shows resulted in eventual fandom acceptance that the Netflix corner, notoriously dubbed the “Street Level,” was not destined to be canonized on the big screen.

New Rumors Fires Up As Charlie Cox Teases Fans On Possible Daredevil Return

This will remain so, because daredevil, along with other shows produced or co-produced under its now-absorbed subsidiary, Marvel Television, were abruptly forgotten; a fate shared by MCU character presentation of ABC broadcast Marvel shows such as Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. So Cox’s hypothetical Daredevil return sticks to that harsh reality.

“We should also be grateful. Because if nothing ever happens in the future, we’ll have three great television seasons and we didn’t screw it up,” said Cox. “You have to be careful what you wish for. You come back and it’s not so good or it doesn’t work at all or too much time has passed. It doesn’t come together quite the same way. You don’t want to spoil what you already have. If we never come back, you have these three great seasons and our third season was our highest rated. So the course was on. I am extremely proud and grateful for what we have.”

The scenario of a rebooted Daredevil is expected to be minor at first, with Cox rumored to be appearing in No way home as Matt Murdock (not as Daredevil) in his professional capacity as a lawyer, possibly defending Peter Parker (Tom Holland) – after surrendering to authorities, as depicted in the trailer – in the wake of the premise-setting doxing from his movie in the movie secret identity and framing for the murder of Mysterio.

However, Daredevil’s future MCU presence may already be planted with the rumor that Vincent D’Onofrio may be secretly playing his role as daredevil‘s signature villain, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, on Hawkeye. Despite D’Onofrio’s open enthusiasm for a return, the rumor is bolstered by the prominent inclusion of the character Maya Lopez, aka Echo (Alaqua Cox), who, based on the trailer, could fulfill the character’s early comic book arc as the adopted daughter and deadly enforcer of the Kingpin (at least a version of him).

That ability initially made her a formidable opponent to Daredevil until a romantic arc with the hero eventually gave way to a heroic turn, first as Ronin and later as Echo.

Nevertheless, a Matt Murdock/Daredevil reboot – as played by Cox – in the MCU could be the boon that fans of the gone but not forgotten Netflix series have longed for. It could even become a blessing in disguise since, as well remembered as… daredevil and his fellow Netflix colleagues may be, the shows were anything but perfect, contrasting — in tone and production quality — of the carefully curated MCU.

So, now years away from the implosion of Marvel’s Street Level continuity, Daredevil has a shot at a fresh start in the MCU’s more ostentatious big-screen arena. In that sense, it’s still a shared win for back-to-back heroes like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and (at least for now) The Punisher.


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