New NCIS Video!- Rating Would Plummet Without Mark Harmon In The Cast.


GibbsIf you are CBS, we know that there was a major concern in regards to NCIS season 19 this week: That the ratings would plummet without Mark Harmon in the cast.

In the end, we absolutely get that. We’re talking here about the longtime series star and unquestionable face of the franchise. People know this show all over the world because of Gibbs and it’s inevitable that some will always prefer it with him as a part of the ensemble.

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Of course, the show must go on, and CBS clearly does want to see if there is some sort of viability here even without Gibbs on board. We’re only one episode in at this point, and the results so far are good. At the very least, we have some evidence that viewers are willing to check out the show moving forward. Monday’s new episode generated as a whole a 0.6 rating and 7.65 million viewers. Basically, these are the same numbers that we saw for Harmon’s final episode the week prior. They signal hope for the rest of the season, but we have to remember that Monday’s episode may have just been a trial run for some skeptical viewers. If people really don’t like Agent Parker or dislike the idea of him potentially being in charge, they could still bail down the road.

For the time being, CBS does have to feel hopeful — also, there is still a chance that Harmon could return down the road and we’re not going to rule that out. He is still an executive producer behind the scenes, and we know that the network could promote his return with a lot of great fanfare.

What do you think about the NCIS season 19 ratings without Mark Harmon in the cast?

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