New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 10: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Spoilers


Is next week’s New Amsterdam season 4 episode 10 the most important one of the fall? For the time being, it absolutely feels that way. How can it now? Max Goodwin is thinking hard about his future, and once again he will find himself at a crossroads. Is he going to leave New Amsterdam for good and head to London, or will he somehow be convinced to stay?

In the promo below, you can see everything that is weighing on them. He loves Helen, and we do think he is drawn greatly to this idea of heading off with her and starting fresh. Also, we’re not getting much in the way of evidence right now that she is having any trepidation on the idea of leaving. She seems to be okay with whatever is coming down the road for her and recognizes the value her work in London has for her.

New Amsterdam Season 4

For Max, the future is a tad more ambiguous. He doesn’t have the same innate connection to London that Helen does, and he also has a longstanding connection to New Amsterdam. It may also be hard for him to leave it in its current form. At the time he made his decision to eventually leave, Dr. Fuentes didn’t have the hospital in the stranglehold she now does. If he departs now, he runs the risk that everything he’s been working towards falls completely apart.

This episode will feature Max’s last day — or, potentially his last day. There are huge moments coming that could dictate the entire future for Max and Helen’s relationship, and also what New Amsterdam looks like in the weeks and months ahead. Remember that even if Ryan Eggold’s character does make the choice to say goodbye, it may not be for good. That door will always still be open on some level.

Do you think Max will really leave on New Amsterdam season 4 episode 10?

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