Netflix’s Latest Korean Series Hellbound Explained & What To Expect With Reviews


The “South Korean Fever” Doesn’t Look Ready To Run Netflix nevertheless and, given the worldwide success of Squid Game recently it is very likely that any serial product made in that country will attract at least the attention of a large proportion. from public.

As we will see in this Hell bound review, the series directed by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula) and co-created by Choi Kyu-seok (who is also the author of the webtoon it is based on) belongs to a different genre than Squid Game: blood and there is no lack of violence, but we are more in the horror / surrealistic area.

The premise of this story is very intriguing and we’re sure that, aside from some flaws in the story development that we’ll dig into and a not-so-great CGI, it will captivate many viewers, even those who usually disdain these types of films. series.

Hellbound Review: The Story

The story then begins to revolve around the investigations that the police are conducting against a religious group called ” new truth and led by a young man named Jeong Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in), whom the community calls president, but hides a worrying secret. Chief of the police investigation is Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june) still emotionally distraught by the brutal murder of his wife many years earlier and with a troubled relationship with his teenage daughter, Hee-jeong (Lee Re). who has secretly joined the new truth.


When Detective Jin begins to delve into the case, he meets the president, who is committed to spreading the gospel of angels and encouraging citizens to repent of their sins. Then there’s Min Hye-jin ( Kim Hyun-joo ), a lawyer hired to represent the so-called sinners who are targeted by the avenging angels, who are unleashed with the wrath of another organization, the “Arrowhead”, a cult that carries out genuine persecution in the name of God and acts of brutal violence against anyone who tries to stop the angels or questions their parentage.

This cult is actually fueled by an agitated and insane individual disguised via live online, condemning the attempt to stop divine punishment, considered the natural consequence of sins committed in earthly life and a one-way ticket to hell, causing more and more rather the belief that all this is God’s will.

The assessment and analysis

Hell bound From the very first episode it looks like a series that fills the viewer with expectations, consisting of only 6 episodes, the series revolves around mysterious supernatural entities, considered to be angels, who arrive on earth to take some destined people to hell drag… or at least that’s what many believe. In fact, it happens that many people in various parts of the world, including Seoul, where our story is set, begin to receive a disturbing prophecy from an unknown entity, announcing within how many days their death will take place.

As soon as the fateful day arrives, the earth begins to tremble and these strange smoking monsters appear from nowhere, slaying with violence and terrible imperturbability, then pulverizing the poor unfortunate on duty, then vanishing again into thin air. A disturbing, thrilling and gory series that opens to Hell bound, which tends to become almost a more traditional crime drama over the episodes, but with no specific implications.

As history progresses, there seems to be an increasing interest in solving the problems arising from the situation rather than investigating mysterious creatures and helping the people brutally murdered by them. Hellbound certainly lacks the hottest political topics explored, including religion for profit, the public’s appetite for violence, and the rise of hysterical puritanism. Unfortunately, during the episodes everything gets very confused and redundant, leaving no room for concrete and disturbing turning points in history, except in the finale of this first season which clearly suggests a second.

Overall, Hell bound is an intriguing, if slightly off-center series. Lovers of procedural detective stories with a touch of the supernatural will appreciate this, while those who expected a more horror and in-depth series may be disappointed. On the other hand, k-drama fans will no doubt have one more title to add to the list of products to restore, while new fans following the great resonance of Squid Game will be looking forward to a different kind of narration here.

And from these questions many others come to life, making Hell bound explores several themes: what would happen if the ‘divine’ suddenly became a part of our lives and how we would behave as human beings, knowing that there really is someone who is examining our actions and ready to kill us in the most horrific way to punish? What is the value of free will at this point, which should characterize us as humans? Throughout the series, we talk about cults and extremism (and how certain religions are completely focused on profit and the exploitation of their followers), a sense of morality and the commodification of pain, and the sequence of the live video organized as punishment of the in fact, Ms. Park can only touch the viewer deeply.

However, a large number of issues, which are undoubtedly being explored in an interesting and original way, correspond to a limited time to do so. The only six episodes of Hell bound – series also divided into two parts, which are spaced from each other – do not seem sufficient to cope in the best way with many of the speeches that are gradually opened.

Even the characterization of the characters – some of which only appear in the first part of the series – would have deserved different space, although we have to admit that some of the protagonists – notably Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo and the intensely Kim Hyunjoo – striking for the intensity of the interpretations and skill. In addition, as we expected at the beginning, the CGI that gives life to both creatures and the so-called “angels” is not flawless, and from a series with a significant budget – as evidenced by the rest of the staging – we would have had something expected more.

The last words

Despite only 6 episodes, Hell bound knows how to tell more stories and points of view by involving the viewer from start to finish. Hell bound immediately presents itself as a raw, engaging and profound series, a mysterious story that then culminates in something very confusing and redundant to the viewer who expected something different. Overall, Hell bound is an intriguing series that fans of detective procedures with a touch of the supernatural will appreciate.


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