Netflix’s Big Mouth Has Been Renewed For Season 3, 4 And 5

Big Mouth, an adult animated cartoon sitcom is renewed by NetFlix Originals. It is created by Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, Andrew Goldberg, and Jennifer Flackett. The series revolves around the life events of young men and women in the puberty period. Big Mouth Season 1 was premiered on September 2017, while Season 2 on March 2018. Big Mouth Season 3 was announced by NetFlix on last November 2018.

The protagonist, Nick Birch who is voiced by Kroll is a person whose abilities are not visible and so totally neglected. He also struggles with his sexual feelings and self – confidence. Nick Kroll voices several other characters including Maurice the Hormone Monster who is the black hand behind making Nick insecure about those things in the first place.

Netflix's Big Mouth Has Been Renewed For Season 3, 4 And 5

The Story-line of the series big mouth is the real-life experience with the co-creator Andrew Goldberg as they have been life-long friends from childhood itself. Nick’s friend Andrew Glouberman is voiced by Former ‘Saturday Night Live writer’. The supporting artists cast includes a lot of comedians including Jenny Slate, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Jordan Peele as the Ghost of Duke Ellington, Jason Mantzoukas among other characters.

Netflix has made a multi-season deal with Brutus Pink, the production company established by the four creators of ‘Big Mouth’ together. As the seasons spanning from 4, 5 and 6 has been confirmed, the writers have got the freedom to develop the story in a relaxed manner. According to the team, “Netflix has given us the best creative experience imaginable, and we’ve been able to build an amazing community of talented writers, actors, producers and artists.”

Here is the tweet confirming the renewal of the series for 3 more seasons after season 3.

The renewal of the series for a whopping 3 seasons is a big recognition for the series makers for its quality, as Netflix is known for canceling ongoing series without prior notice if the viewer response is bad. To say the ugly truth it’s all about business for  Netflix. They had canceled a show named Tuca & Bertie very recently. The show Big Mouth has been renewed because of the relatable nature, which will be appreciated by subscribers in both genders.

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