Netflix Original – Dark Season 3 : Release Date, Cast and Plot

Though the third season is not anywhere near to it’s release time, still the series has made the audience to create some phenomenal buzz around the corner. Dark is a sci-fi drama which finds its settings in the German background. The season 2 went on air on 21st of June and as expected it was a massive hit.

In the second series, the town of Winden witnessed some mysterious child abductions that later on found to be connected to an epic battle between good and evil. Teenager Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) is the protagonist and most of the story revolves around him. He time and time again travel through time trying to save Winden and everyone he loves from an approaching nuclear disaster.

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Announcement of the Dark third season

Dark series director Baran bo Odar announced on his Instagram account that the series is due for season 3. The shooting will commence on June 27. Season 3 will also be the final season and this is official that there won’t be any further seasons lined up for production. The storyline will find its ultimate leap In the last season. However, no official announcement is made regarding the exact release date for the third season. Most probably the 3rd season will release in mid-2020.

Possible insights from the ultimate season

There are still plenty of storylines and questions that need to be addressed in season 3, like what happened to young Elisabeth and her father, Peter, will Katharina be able to make it to 1986 so in order to look for Mikkel, what are the steps to be adopted by Adam and the rest of the Sic Mundus group do.

As far as the star cast is concerned it’s expected that majority of the cast is set to make a return including Louis Hofmann as Jonas, Lisa Vicari as Martha, Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas, Moritz Jahn as Magnus, Gina Stiebitz as Franziska, Paul Lux as Bartosz, and many more.

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